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Saar swiftly sails through the busy city on her cargo bike


  • Name: Saar
  • Commuting distance: 20 km
  • Bike type: Dolly electric cargo bike


The electric cargo bike is the perfect means of transport in the city – and Saar knows that all too well! Taking the kids to school, shopping or going to work: she does it all on her bicycle. Her children also enjoy the bike rides. Pure relaxation for the whole family!

BFF in the city

Saar and her husband have been using their ‘normal’ cargo bike to make relaxing bicycle rides for some time now. But pedalling with two small children in the cargo box… that was quite a job. Not much in the way of relaxation, in other words. One day, they saw a neighbour passing by with an electric cargo bike and thought: ‘Wow, we want a bicycle like that!’

Saar has been renting her electric cargo bike since the end of last year and is very happy with it. She uses it every day: to take the children out, to go shopping, to work and to relax with the entire family on the weekends. “I can’t imagine life without it. It’s ideal for getting around in the city: no parking problems and quicker than a car.” Even when it’s raining in the morning, she opts resolutely for her cargo bike. “The children are at school on time because I can easily cycle past all the traffic jams. Win-win!”

Love at first sight

Saar ordered her electric cargo bike through bicycle leasing. A week later, her brand-new bike was waiting at the door. Saar and her family were very enthusiastic about their newest asset and immediately wanted to test it out. On that very first day, they used it to deliver their Christmas cards. The bad weather didn’t stop them: in the pouring rain, they made the whole trip with the children nice and dry in the box. And mum and dad? Soaked through, but overjoyed with their new electric cargo bike.

By the way, Saar can easily get this lightweight cargo bike going, even when it is fully loaded. “I often struggled with an ordinary bicycle: a child on the back, shopping bags on the handlebars and trying to keep my balance in the meantime. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past.” In short, the perfect match for Saar and her busy life in the city.

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