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18.02.2022 - Reading time: 4 min

The 9 most famous bicycle brands to lease in 2023

Woohoooo! You now get to lease a bike through your employer! After all the excitement upon hearing you could lease a bike, you now have many questions: What bike should I lease? What should I be looking for? Which bikes tend to perform well? As you will see, choosing the right bike is no easy task. But fear not! In this blog post, o2o will help you make a #smartmove with our top 10 most popular bicycle brands.

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o2o’s 9 most popular bicycle brands

Below, you’ll find an overview of the most requested bicycle brands in 2023 at o2o for a lease bike. These all represent top-end bikes, all of which have already helped our lease customers rack up thousands upon thousands of miles. And what better to rely on than the opinions of other cyclists?

Get ready to read our list of the most popular bicycle brands, from the coolest mountain bikes to the hippest racing bikes and fastest e-bikes. To keep some suspense, we will be starting at number 9, finishing with the most popular bicycle brand of them all. Ready? Here we go!

Canyon bekende fietsmerken

#9 Scott

While you might know Scott from its World Championship-winning mountain bikes, this established US brand has a lot to offer for commuters, too! Scott offers both sporty and comfortable e-bikes across a wide range at various price points. All these bikes have one thing in common: they are very popular among o2o cyclists.

#8 Specialized

Are you a cycling fanatic? Then you might know Specialized as the brand behind a number of big wins at the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia. As a well-known US bicycle brand, Specialized bikes are made by cyclists, for cyclists. With their passion for bicycles, they have introduced many innovative two-wheelers to the market. From turbo e-bikes and cutting-edge mountain bikes to cool racing bikes and hip city bicycles, every Specialized bike is a sure fire winner. Just ask your favourite pro cyclist at the start line of any spring classic.


#7 Norta

Norta is one of the best-known bicycle brands in all of Belgium. With 90 years of experience and an eye for quality and innovation, the brand makes comfortable e-bikes for an effortless riding experience. And there is something for everyone, with different types of bicycles and lots of bright colours to choose from!

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#6 Cube

Cube is a German brand whose aim is to make bikes that are accessible to everyone. Talk about an ambitious mission! The brand is therefore committed to making the perfect bike for every cyclist, while at the same time rendering their entire production process more sustainable. As icing on the cake, all Cube bikes offer high quality without the hefty price tag.

Want to know more about the cost of leasing a bike? Then check out our blog post ‘How much does a lease bicycle cost?

cube bekende fietsmerken

#5 Giant

For Giant, cycling equals pure pleasure and freedom. The brand has bikes for cyclists of all levels, fostering a genuine community for everyday cyclists, recreational athletes and top-level pros. With Giant’s e-bikes having already won multiple awards, there is no doubting their quality. What’s more, the brand also offers high-quality mountain bikes and step-through bicycles!

#4 Riese & Müller

Got your heart set on leasing an electric bike? Or a speed pedelec, perhaps? Then look no further than Riese & Müller! Both technically and aesthetically speaking, Riese & Müller’s bikes are real top quality, which we would go as far as labelling real high end. This, however, comes with a heftier price tag, so these bikes are not for everyone. Thankfully, they are generally low maintenance.

Riese Muller cargofiets

With bicycle leasing, Riese & Müller’s high-end bikes end up being up to 40% cheaper!

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#3 Gazelle

Everyone’s heard of Gazelle. With a whopping 128 years of experience, the company has even survived the jump towards e-bike technology. Add to that, Gazelle is among the top three most ordered bicycle brands today! The brand’s aim is to make cycling fun, safe and comfortable for everyone, something that we at o2o are only too happy to applaud! With an eye for design and smart innovation, Gazelle truly deserves its high spot on this list.

#2 Stromer

If you want conclusive proof that you can achieve a podium finish riding a speed pedelec, look no further than Swiss powerful speed pedelec specialist Stromer. Remarkable, given that Stromer is itself a relatively young company. Maybe that is why the brand is able to respond so well to emerging digital trends, placing particular emphasis on connectivity and overall digital experience. And that’s not to say Stromer compromises on design, either. Earlier this year, the brand won another award for the design quality of their flagship ST7 model.

Stromer Speedpedelec

Want to fly past everyone on a powerful Stromer speed pedelec?

All while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with included services and additional cover? Then make a #smartmove and get moving with o2o. Is your employer already an o2o customer? Then create your myo2o Biker account today, and soon you’ll be riding off on your very own lease bike! Does your business not yet offer bicycle leasing? Download our persuasion package and present it to your boss today!

#1 Trek

At number one on our list of most popular bicycle brands, we find none other than Trek, a bicycle brand that has already been pushing the boundaries of possibility for over four decades. As such, the brand has emerged as an outright market leader in an era filled with technological evolutions across the cycling landscape. What’s more, the brand doesn’t shy away from topics of sustainability in their efforts to surf the waves of technical progress. Meanwhile, Trek continues to build bicycles that are loved by all, with an eye for high-quality materials. From high-end racing bikes to sturdy mountain bikes, Trek has got you covered!

Fietser op Treck Speed pedelec

For popular bicycle brands, look no further than o2o!

Want to lease one of these popular bicycle brands, or perhaps another electric bike through your employer? At o2o, we’ve got you covered! We know that there’s more to leasing a bike than simply choosing the right brand. With our included extra services, you’ll always have that peace of mind. With our myo2o Biker tool, ordering a new two-wheeler that is perfectly suited to your cycling needs, while also calculating your lease payments, couldn’t be simpler.

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