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18.02.2022 - Reading time: 3 min

Our 10 most popular bicycle brands

Ready to start leasing with o2o? Great! Then the search for your dream bike begins. But how do you choose one from so many different brands and models? Fortunately, we are here to guide you in this important choice. We draw inspiration from the ten most leased bicycle brands of the past year 2021. Because you too want to travel sustainably, save time and above all enjoy that reliable bicycle.

Thousands of leasers have already gone before you and covered many kilometres on these top bicycles with all the benefits that come with it. Not a bad choice, those popular bicycle brands! There are bikes that meet all your expectations: from sturdy mountain bikes to trendy racing bikes or fast e-bikes. Here we go…

#10 Norta

For three generations now, e-bikes from the Belgian brand Norta have been synonymous with irresistible cycling pleasure. Because electric cycling is wonderful, certainly if you whizz through the countryside on a Norta e-bike. You can feel the quality: the result of more than 90 years of experience, combined with advanced technology. At Norta, comfort and carefree driving come first, which match perfectly the values of o2o.

#9 Scott

The American brand Scott has been an established name in the cycling world since the 1950s. Many professionals choose Scott as their faithful companion, but you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy their bikes! At Scott, you can choose from a wide range of bikes at a variety of prices. From mountain or road bikes to e-bikes, there’s a bicycle for everyone. 

#8 Cube

With the German brand Cube, carefree cycling equals a fantastic value for money. The brand is known for its wide range, so it caters for everyone. Are you a fanatic racer, avid mountain biker or just looking for a sturdy bike to cycle to work? Do you want a stylish bike with a trendy look in a cool colour? Cube is the right choice. 

#7 Canyon

German brand Canyon has built up an impressive record of achievements over the years: you’ve seen these two-wheelers in several Grand Tours and World Championships. A Canyon bicycle can be ordered online and leased directly through o2o at a very competitive price, including home delivery. Are you looking for a bike with great styling and innovative design? Then choose a Canyon that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

#6 Giant

Since 1972, Giant has resolutely chosen craftsmanship, technology and innovation. When steel was still the standard, they came up with the lighter aluminium frames. At Giant, fun and comfort always come first, just like the journey to your destination. From road bikes to mountain bikes or gravel bikes to city bikes, you’re sure to find your ideal bicycle at Giant. And the ladies also deserve extra attention: there is the specific Liv line, specially designed for women.

#5 Specialized

Are you choosing Specialized? Then you’re choosing a brand made by cyclists, for cyclists. Since 1974, their passion and love for cycling has been at the heart of every innovation they bring to the market. Turbo e-bikes or classic mountain bikes? Cool race bikes or trendy city bikes? With this brand, you can experience a pure piece of magic: win on your own Specialized bike, just like your favourite professional cyclist in that exciting spring race.

#4 Riese & Müller

Totally hooked on the idea of an e-bike? Then Riese & Müller are the right people to talk to: the specialist in electric bicycles and constantly looking for improvement. Because there is not one e-bike for everyone – but there is the perfect e-bike for everyone. For athletes, family men, bike travellers, professionals or anyone who likes to ride. With this top brand you can be sure of an e-bike that is tailored to your own personal interests: from cargo bike or speed pedelec to folding bike or mountain bike. 

#3 Gazelle

With their 128 years of experience, chances are you’ve heard of Gazelle. This Dutch brand produces no less than 250,000 bicycles a year and continues to improve the design and optimize the technology of their e-bikes. The result: a light, comfortable and high-quality bike. Gazelle often takes prizes as innovation and design winner – and also as a bicycle test winner. Their slogan is “Nothing rides like a Gazelle”, which is also reflected in our leasing figures!

#2 Stromer

The Swiss company Stromer creates powerful speed pedelecs with integrated design and excellent driving characteristics. Stromer is a pioneer in e-bike technology and opts fully for environmentally conscious and comfortable commuting. With a Stromer, you are guaranteed to get around quickly and stylishly! Are you ready for a unique riding experience? This speed pedelec is quiet, dynamic and has a large range. In short, with a Stromer you will be a wheel’s length ahead of your time….

#1 Trek

Trek has been in the bicycle business for over four decades and excels in passion for the two-wheeler and a firm belief in the impossible. Their basic principle? That has always remained the same: building bikes that people love. And it pays off! Trek has bikes for every kind of riding: from high-end road bikes to rugged mountain bikes or durable bicycles for development projects. Trek has the perfect bike for you! 

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So, these were the ten most popular brands leased by o2o. Hopefully we’ve made your choice a little easier and you’ll soon find your dream bike.
But leasing a bicycle is so much more than just choosing the brand and type! You will hit the road carefree with our extra services, choose a sustainable solution and enjoy an interesting tax advantage.

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