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Cycling is good for you. That much we can agree on. Not only does it come with some financial benefits at the end of the ride (hello bike allowance - goodbye budget for gas), it is also better for the environment. And that's not all. Our bodies and minds also become happier(er) with a daily bike ride. You feel much better and your productivity skyrockets. Ready to welcome your happy and motivated colleagues?

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What is bicycle leasing

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Convinced of bicycle leasing, but don't feel like dealing with the administrative fuss? No worries: o2o is here to take care of it. Thanks to our smart online tools - and smooth cooperation with your flex partner - we are able to relieve you of all that administration hassle as well before, during and after the start. And oh, one more thing: bicycle leasing also comes with an enormous fiscal advantage. Nice to have!

The advantages

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  • We take care of everything

  • Extra-legal benefits

  • Happy and healthy employees

  • Sustainable mobility solution

  • Easy and fun

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How does it work

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1. We draw up a cycling plan

Ready to start? Great! We kick off with drawing up a clear and legal bicycle plan. In this document, we specify which budget the employee uses for paying the bicycle lease - as well as which services are active.

2. We communicate about everything

Communication is key. That’s why we’ll support you with inspiring videos, a clear step-by-step plan and practical presentations. This way, we’ll make sure everyone is well informed before they hit the road!

3. We guarantee carefree and easy management

How do you manage and process your bicycle lease requests, you ask? Effortless within our practical online tools, of course! We’ll provide you with the maximum relief for your fleet and HR team. So that you hardly have to do anything.

4. We install a cycling community

Getting your team hyped about cycling? That’s what we do, baby. We’ll get them going with a smashing kick-off event, customized o2o presentations, practical webinars and memorable videos. And we don’t stop there: after the launch, we’ll organize information sessions and fun activities to get that cycling bug flourishing among your colleagues.

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Our flex partners are our allies. We have the same goal in mind (unburdening the HR-team) and speak the same language (extensive automation) to get there. We take care of the administration via our smart digital tools that are integrated with our partners’ interface - which makes smooth and easy management of your bicycle fleet a piece of cake. Cafeteria plan, wage exchange calculation or mobility budget? We got this!

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