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Chosen your bicycle dealer? Great! Then it's time to ask for your quotation. Fill in the following information correctly*, so you can jump in the saddle as soon as possible:

  • Brand, model, colour and frame size

  • List price incl. VAT (without discount)

  • Brand and model of bicycle lock (obligatory), with an ART2-attestation or security level 10 certificate and the possibility to attach the bicycle to an external anchor point.

  • List price of the lock incl. VAT

  • Any options and their list price incl. VAT (clothing is not allowed; everything that can be attached to your bike like pedals, lights, panniers, etc. is possible; a helmet is also allowed).

  • Estimated delivery time of the bicycle

  • Name of the shop

  • Shop address

  • Shop website

  • Name of the contact person you have spoken to

Is your dealer not listed or do you wish to order an online brand?

no problem at all, we'll be happy to help you with that too

1. Bicycle dealer not known

Visit the dealer, choose your bicycle and ask for a quotation. As soon as you send us your offer, we will contact the dealer and start the cooperation*.

*Starting a new partnership takes about two weeks.

2. Canyon x o2o

Go to the Canyon website and order your bicycle with accessories and the mandatory ART2 certified lock directly. Select 'o2o Bicycle leasing' as the payment method. Once you've placed your order, the bicycle and any accessories are reserved for you.

You will then receive an order confirmation by e-mail from Canyon. Use this confirmation as an offer to calculate the lease price and to order your bike at o2o. Enter your order based on the list price.

3. Cowboy x o2o

Take a look at the Cowboy website for inspiration. Request your offer with the desired options through this page on the Cowboy website and mention that you want to lease a bike via o2o. You can also request an offer from a Cowboy bike dealer who is partner of o2o. 
You will receive the offer by e-mail. Then follow the usual ordering procedure.