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Bicycle leasing popular in AG Insurance cafetaria plan

“The interest is overwhelming! Not only our own personnel department, but also our employees and the unions were truly interested. Offering a company bicycle via the cafetaria plan was really the right choice we’ve made”. Aline Tignon and Magali Bogaert explain why starting-up a bicycle leasing was the logical step to take for AG Insurance.

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Focus on the employees’ health

AG Insurance is one of the best-known insurance companies in Belgium and is a market leader in the field of group insurances. “When you are a big company, the health of your employees is crucial. That’s why we set up projects such as yoga sessions, healthy food programmes, … and we stimulate our employees to exercise more. Only recently we decided to offer bicycle leasing via AG Insurance’s cafetaria plan,  an attractive addition to our other activities,” explains Magali Bogaert, Fleet Manager at AG Insurance.

Bicycle leasing in AG Insurance’s cafetariaplan

“We started our cafetaria plan in  2017. At that time, bicycle leasing was not a possible option. Only from the second year onwards, collaborators could choose a company bike. But the preparatory work had already been started. AG Insurance launched an RFP (Request for Proposal) and after thorough analysis of the offers presented to us, we choose in favour of o2o,” says Aline Tignon, Compensation & Benefits Project Manager. “In addition, bicycle leasing also offers a solution to the mobility and traffic congestion problems.”

Automation brings peace of mind

“Right from the start with o2o we were impressed by their professionalism”, says Tignon. “Especially their fiscal expertise was impressive. While our internal software system Unbox was being linked with the o2o Fleet & HR app, we were working on a concrete step-by-step plan for our collaborators. By doing so, they were fully informed and aware of how things were going to be worked out.”

“The project was a success right from the start. Only during the first three months more than 70 employees applied. We somewhat had been expecting that, but it is always fine to see expectation really comme true too,” admits Mrs Bogaert. AG Insurance opted for a budget-neutral formula with a total freedom of choice for the employees. Needless to say that the insurances were covered by the company itself.

“With us, the classic electric bicycle is the most popular. But there are quite some racing bikes as well. Apparently we have some true sportsmen at AG Insurance,” adds Mrs Bogaert smilingly. “Of course there are also those who only take their bike when the weather is fine, but it also strikes me that some are not afraid of some harsh weather either.”

“The fact that the process is fully automated brings us as a company the peace of mind we had been looking for. With almost 200 bikes, our fleet is quite substantial already. That’s why it is important that all these files can get processed fluently. O2o’s Fleet & HR app therefore is an ideal instrument for all members of our personnel department. Of course there are some special cases needing extra attention, but the bulk of our bikes have been processed flawlessly thanks to this application.

On our way to the future

“The idea of offering bicycle leasing in their cafetaria plan only benefits AG Insurance. We are very satisfied with the number of bikers so far, but there is still a potential left,” comments Mrs Bogaert. “We are ready for a green future. And so are our employees-cyclists too.”

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