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Bicycle leasing for Brussels Airport employees: to the airport by bike

Brussels Airport Company has resolutely chosen for durability and alternative mobility. “It is our intention to promote this approach amongst our employees as well: more public transport, greener cars and suggest bicycle leasing.” Hannelies Slabbynck, Reward Manager at Brussels Airport Company tells us all about the success of bicycle leasing and their vision of the future for the country’s largest airport.

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Why did Brussels Airport Company choose for o2o?

“For more than two years already, Brussels Airport Company’s employees can choose for bicycle leasing,” says Hannelies Slabbynck. “But the actual start of the project was in 2017, when during three consecutive months we had organised a pilot project on alternative mobility. During that period our employees could test different bikes for their commuter traffic, but they could also try out public transport or even test electric cars. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the project, which made us get on with it almost immediately. We carried out an elaborate market survey and spoke with several companies offering bicycle leasing services. As a result, o2o appeared to be our best partner: a wide range of bikes to choose from, correct pricing and an enthusiastic team,” continues Mrs Slabbynck.

Bicycle leasing for Brussels Airport’s employees

o2o and Brussels Airport Company have joined forces and have worked out together a cycling policy. Via the KPMG flextool all employees interested have the possibility to sign in for a bicycle lease. “To make this all the more powerful, we organised at the moment of the launch a test moment together with o2o, during which our employees could test different bicycles. It was a true success. During the first year of our flexible wage plan we received no less than 53 requests for a bicycle lease. The following year too quite some employees still seemed pretty interested. In the meantime, almost 10% of the Brussels Airport employees went for a bike lease. This is most satisfying, of course,” says Mrs Slabbynck.

Improve accessibility for bikers

“More and more people come to work by bike. Still, we are fully aware of the fact that a lot of factors need to be improved if we want to maintain this growth,” says Mrs Slabbynck. “Better airport accessibility is crucial. Only when a sufficient number of attractive alternatives will be in place, we will all be motivated enough to forget about our cars. That’s why quite a number of modifications are planned in view of promoting the use of a bike: i.e. plan dressing rooms and showers, build bike shelters, invest in new, safe bicycle paths.”

Evaluation after two years of bicycle leasing

After two years of bike leasing, the results are positive. The quality of the service provided by o2o has improved dramatically too over the last two years. Their new digital platform has been built tailored to our needs. And the atmosphere is pleasant. Each time we contact o2o we can feel the enthusiasm of the entire team ready to help us out. After two years, our collaboration can still be qualified as excellent!”

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