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A banging bicycle event for your employees

just start pedalling

Did you know that we organise popping bicycle events at our clients’ premises to kick-start bicycle leasing? As soon as your bicycle plan with o2o is up and running, we are happy to cycle to you for a smashing test event or an inspiring kick-off session. During the event, we guide your employees in choosing their ideal bike.

Curious what such a test event looks like?

trust us, it’s fun

In the mood for a banging event for your employees?

1. You are already an o2o customer

Perfect! Probably quite a few employees are already cycling around on their lease bicycle. Want to get even more colleagues to hop on their dream bike and increase the cycling culture in your organisation? Order a test event or kick-off session in myo2o Fleet & HR in just a few clicks, wherever and whenever you want. You can even organise this several times a year.
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2. You are not yet an o2o customer

Currently, you cannot request a bicycle event. Are you interested in offering bicycle leasing to your employees? Contact one of our Bike Lease Experts to set up a tailor-made bicycle plan for your organisation. With our online tools, the start-up goes very smoothly, so before you know, we will visit your company for a banging kick-off.

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