Which sitting position comes nearest to yours?

Focus on comfort

I like a relaxed position, with a straightened back.

Focus on speed

I like a sporting position sitting on my bike. When I cycle, it better goes fast.

Which feature is the most important one for your new bicycle?

As compact as possible

I like to be able to take my bicycle with me, on the train, the tram, the bus, or in the trunk of my car. That's why it must be a folding bicycle.

As light as possible

My bicycle must be as light as possible, even when I know that it will then come without a rack, mudguards or lights.


My bicycle must support me in my everyday activities. I need to be able to put bicycle bags, a bicycle basket or a child seat. I must be able to put it on a car's bicycle rack and when I need to carry huge volumes or take a couple of children with me, the possibility of attaching a cart must be viable.

Lots of space for luggage and children

I must or want to able to regularly transport lots of luggage and children with my bicycle. That’s why I would like to have a carrier tricycle, a longtail or cargobike. It will offer me maximal freedom on my journeys. I realize that such a bicycle cannot be mounted on a car’s bicycle rack.

On what surface do you ride most of the time?


I mostly ride my bicycle to go out looking for unpaved paths. The lesser asphalt, the better.

No matter where I go

In an ideal world, my bicycle is my best friend on well asphalted roads, on cobble stones, between rails of a tram or on unpaved tracks.

Well asphalted roads.

I prefer cycling on well asphalted roads. I avoid gravel roads as much as possible.

What kind of electrical support do you want for your bicycle?

No support

I prefer producing the energy myself.

Till 25km/hr

I would like support till 25km/hr. So I don't have to wear a helmet.

More than 25km/hr

I would like to be supported at a higher speed than 25km/hr, enabling me to make longer excursions easily. The topspeed is limited by law to 45km/hr. Your bicycle will be delivered with a license plate.

How long do you want to be able to ride with a full battery on maximal support?

Support till 25km/hr

If I can ride 40km with one battery charge, that will do for me.

Support till 25km/hr

I would like to do more than 40km.

Support till 45km/hr

If I can drive 30 km with 1 charge, this is enough.

Support till 45km/hr

I like to drive more than 30 km per charge.

Not applicable

How frequently do you want to ride your bicycle?

Every week, or more

Every month, even less

Will you go out riding in harsh weather too?