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20.01.2023 - Reading time: 2 min

Renson breathes cycling: nearly one out of five employees chooses bicycle leasing

The Belgian company Renson – a major player on the international market – ensures a healthy indoor climate with its ventilation systems and outdoor sun screens. Thanks to the addition of bicycle leasing to the salary package of their staff, they also give employee health a boost. And this was clearly well received, because in the meantime almost one out of five employees of the Waregem company is riding a lease bicycle.

Company info


Ventilation & sun protection



Number of employees

Approximately 1000

Start cooperation with o2o

January 2022

Why does Renson choose bicycle leasing?

Jonas Decoster, HR officer at Renson, explains with a smile in the video below why exactly the company is investing in bicycle leasing. Sustainability is one of the corporate ethics they highly value at Renson. The purpose of bicycle leasing is to encourage their employees to choose a sustainable solution for commuting, which is accessible and affordable for everyone. Thanks to the tax benefit of 40% compared to a private purchase, bicycle leasing is a nice financial addition to the salary package.



Besides sustainability, employee health is also a priority at Renson. Those who bike to work usually gain time, often start and end their workday stress-free, and on average are less likely to fall ill. In short, bicycle leasing is a boost for the physical and mental health of their staff, and the company is happy to invest in that.

Choosing o2o bicycle leasing as the ideal partner

Starting up bicycle leasing for Renson had to go as simply and smoothly as possible, both for the employees as well as for the HR and Fleet Team. That’s right up our alley: the o2o online tools are standing out, especially in terms of user-friendliness. At o2o, our tools take as much administration out of your hands as possible: from requests to invoicing, everything runs smoothly. The result? Hardly any workload for the company and maximum unburdening is guaranteed.

Moreover, at o2o we remain a loyal partner. Even after the implementation of the bicycle plan we are happy to expand the cycling culture in companies. Not only with a banging kick-off, but also with cycling-inspiring initiatives, staff test events, presentations, etc., we are constantly trying to get as many employees as possible on that bike.

And the employees? All they have to do is create an account in our tool, choose their dream bike at a bicycle dealer of their choice and jump on their bicycle for the ride to and from work. That’s what we, at o2o, do in the blink of an eye. In less than three months after the start-up, Renson employees were already cycling around on their favourite two-wheeler!

A banging test event to kick things off

The roll-out of a bicycle plan includes a banging test event, where employees can try out all kinds of bicycle types and models and, above all, experience the pleasure of the (electric) bicycle. At the Renson test event there was a lot of cycling and testing, and the delicious waffles provided extra energy for all those cycling legs. The event was a great success and the kick-off for the cycling culture that o2o and Renson are developing together.

At Renson, this cycling culture is undoubtedly there, as a lot of employees were immediately sold after the test event. With a participation rate of almost 1 out of 5, it may be said: Renson’s employees are clearly fans of cycling.

o2o bicycle leasing test event at Renson: employees are testing bicycles

Introduce bicycle leasing to your employees

Inspired to offer bicycle leasing to your employees as well? Contact one of our Bike Lease Experts, and we will be happy to draw up a personal bicycle plan for your company.


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