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60 km of pure joy: discover Dirk’s inspiring cycling story


  • Name: Dirk Dewispelaere
  • Company: Volvo Car (Gent)
  • Lease bike: Speed pedelec (Klever X Alpha 45)
  • Commute: 60 km


Dirk loves his commute. He has been cycling to work almost every day for a number of years, using his speedy speed pedelec to effortlessly cover the 60 km round trip. His commute is almost entirely car-free, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Want to know why Dirk opted for a lease bike, along with where he gets his motivation to pedal so many kilometres every day? Discover his cycling story below. Be warned, his enthusiasm is infectious…

Cycling to work, pure joy 

Ask anyone, no one has more passion for cycling to work than Dirk. As an avid cycling enthusiast, it was a no-brainer to choose this as his way of commuting. With his trusty speed pedelec, his daily commute has become a moment of pure relaxation. This is because, of the 60 km travelled, almost 80% runs alongside scenic waterways. What’s more, the route is virtually car-free. As a result, his commute is a chance to enjoy nature to the full, experiencing the seasons first-hand and even spotting a number of birds along the way. According to Dirk, this acts as a real boost to kick-start the workday:

When it comes to my mental and physical health, my bike ride has been a huge plus. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

o2o cyclist with speed pedelec on his way to work.


This cycle route between Aalter and Ghent is very popular with bike commuters, making for some fun social interactions along the way, with spontaneous conversations often arising about – what else – cycling. Dirk deliberately opts for the most scenic and safest route, even if it is not the fastest: ‘The relaxation and exercise I get from it are well worth the extra minutes. Every morning, I arrive at the office feeling refreshed. In the evenings, I return home feeling tired but fulfilled’. As the icing on the cake, his cycle route culminates with a ferry crossing. Talk about a quirky commute…

A safe and ‘klever’ bike choice

By now, Dirk is already on his third speed pedelec. For him, the Klever X Alpha stood out as the top choice when it came to choosing his lease bike. It is fast, comfortable and, above all, safe. Thanks to its rear-wheel motor, it can easily go up to 45 km/h, getting Dirk to and from work in barely an hour. As someone who places great importance on bike safety, choosing this model was a no-brainer. With its excellent brakes, built-in indicators and winter tyres, it ensures a safe ride. Plus, with its belt-driven drivetrain, it requires little by way of maintenance. In short, the Klever has everything you need to ensure a hassle-free ride.

o2o cyclist with speed pedelec on his way to work.


Bike leasing is a real win-win situation

When it came to the question of bicycle leasing, Dirk did not hesitate, as the lease formula is a lot cheaper compared to buying privately, especially when it comes to more pricey speed pedelecs. ‘This is because my bike lease contributions come automatically off mygross salary. What’s more, they are tax-free, rendering the net cost a lot lower. With insurance, servicing and maintenance included as part of the lease package, you are given full peace of mind.’

What makes it even sweeter is the bike allowance Dirk receives on top of everything else: ‘For a distance of 60 km per day, this allowance is great. Add to that the fuel costs I am saving on, and you can see why bicycle leasing really is a win-win situation for me.’ 

At Volvo Cars, a lot of employees opt for bicycle leasing. As a result, our impressive bike parking is jam-packed full of (electric) o2o lease bikes. According to Dirk, leasing with o2o is incredibly easy, with very few barriers getting in the way. Using the tool is a cinch, no matter who you are:

At Volvo, those who are less digitally-savvy are generally guided through the ordering process with the help of other colleagues. It’s so nice to see everyone helping each other out to get riding. When the cycling plan was launched, o2o even came in person to conduct a kick-off session, making sure everything got off to a smooth start.

o2o cyclist with speed pedelec on his way to work.

A smart move with o2o

What does a ‘smart move’ by bike mean for Dirk? As an avid ‘speed pedelec-er’, he knows better than anyone that safety is an absolute must. It is especially important for less experienced riders to get familiar with their bikes right from the outset, before taking them out on the road. Beyond that, for Dirk, ‘smart mobility’ also simply means having fun:

Commuting by bike is relaxing, cost-saving and good for the planet. I really would recommend it to anyone. Surely you can tell how passionate I am about this?

Inspired by Dirk’s cycling story?

Starting to catch the cycling bug from hearing Dirk’s story? Want to know more about bicycle leasing through work? Visit our website to find out more, or simply download our white paper and submit it to your employer! 

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