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14.01.2021 - Reading time: 1 min

With a bicycle allowance, the lease amount for your company bicycle is quickly recovered

About three out of ten employees in Belgium are interested in leasing a bicycle through their employer. Those who receive a bicycle allowance earn back their leasing contribution almost immediately.

A lease bicycle through your work, accessible for everyone


Following a survey among 2,000 working Belgians, Acerta and the research bureau Indiville establish that the bicycle is rapidly gaining ground in commuter traffic. The results show that 28 per cent of Belgians are interested in leasing a bicycle through their employer. For 49 per cent 20 euro net per month is the maximum amount they are willing to spend. A quarter of the employees is even prepared to spend up to 40 euro per month of their net salary on it. A simulation  shows that leasing a bicycle via the employer is more interesting than buying one oneself. The leasing sum is deducted from the gross salary, so that the employee only pays a limited net amount for his bicycle. At the end of the lease, the employee has the possibility to take over the bicycle at the residual value. Otherwise, the bicycle is returned to the leasing company.

Moreover, the amount you pay as an employee for the lease will soon be recouped with the bicycle allowance. An employer is not obliged to pay compensation for cycling, unless it is imposed by the joint committee. For example, the 50 000 companies that fall under Joint Committee 200 for white-collar workers are obliged to give 10 cents per kilometre travelled. Currently, almost 20 per cent of all Belgian employees already receive an allowance for coming to work by bike.

Suppose you drive 20 kilometres back and forth to work every working day, then with the maximum allowance of 0.24 euro per kilometre you would earn 1 008 euro per year (210 working days) or 84 euro per month. If you get 10 cents per kilometre, your employer will pay you 420 euro on an annual basis, which amounts to 35 euro per month.
Source: Dirk Selleslagh in ‘De Tijd’

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