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City dweller Anton’s bike: the Cowboy Classic Performance

In ‘The bike of…’ we tell you who rides which bike and why. Why does Anton choose Cowboy? What makes Wes go for a Riese & Müller? And how come Wim now rides a Stromer? By giving you an insight into why they chose their specific bike, we hope to help and inspire you to pick a bike and bike brand that really suits you. Would you like to share why you chose a particular bike or brand and help others find their ideal bike? Then send an email to!

In this edition, we take a look at Anton’s Cowboy Classic!

Cowboy 4 Anton

Cowboy 4 purchase price: from €2490
Average lease price per month: €39 / month net

Anton in a nutshell:

  • Length: 180 cm

  • Cycling distance: 5 to 10 km

  • If you have a computer problem, no matter how big or small, our IT Support Engineer Anton is your go-to man!

  • He’s a real city dweller.

  •   Long-distance cycling is not his thing, but over the last four months, he has cycled an impressive 1,600 kilometres on his Cowboy over the many cobblestones in Ghent.

  • He traded in his company car and motorbike for an o2o lease bike and guess what: he has absolutely no regrets!

Why did Anton go for the Cowboy Classic Performance?

“Since I live in a big city and use my bike mainly for commuting and other trips within the city, I obviously use my bicycle primarily for small journeys averaging 5 to 10 kilometres. Every now and then, I do a slightly longer ride of 20 kilometres. So a speed pedelec wouldn’t be right for me, but I obviously do enjoy pedal assistance up to 25 km/h. So it didn’t take me long to decide to go for an electric bike.”  

Anton Cowboy 4

 After I tested the Cowboy bike of one of my colleagues, it was a no-brainer: it had to be a Cowboy, and it was.

“But why a Cowboy then? There were a number of things that really made the Cowboy stand out for me. After I tested the Cowboy bike of one of my colleagues, it was a no-brainer: it had to be a Cowboy, and it was.”

Below is a summary of what Anton finds so great about the Cowboy 4:

  • It is a light bike (18.9 kg) that you can easily lift up to store it away, or take with you by car or on a train.

  • The carbon drive belt means it’s a maintenance-free bike, and you don’t have any hassle with lubricating a chain.

  • There are no manual gears, so you can just set off easily from a standstill.

  • The built-in lights ensure that you are always well illuminated when riding, and that your lights won’t get stolen.

  • There are no loose brake cables on the bike that could get tangled up.

  • Thanks to the narrow handlebars, you can easily get the bike through a door, into the car or into a crowded bike rack.

  • The built-in Quad Lock holder means you can use your mobile phone as a navigation tool.

  • You don’t need to stand your bike next to a wall socket in order to charge it, thanks to the easily removable battery.

  • The optional luggage rack with panniers means that I can carry a reasonable amount of equipment and shopping.

  • And finally, it’s a looker: the matte black finish is understated yet stylish.

This stylish and lightweight city bike up to 40% cheaper? That’s possible thanks to o2o Bicycle Leasing!

Do you recognise yourself in Anton’s story and do you also dream of riding a Cowboy like this? With bicycle leasing you don’t have to pay for your bike in one go and you can enjoy up to 40% discount compared to a private purchase. Choosing o2o Bicycle Leasing is also choosing:

  • Our reliable services such as maintenance budget and insurance against theft and damage.
  • Tools that are as intuitive and user-friendly as the Cowboy app.

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Cowboy Cruiser Performance

How satisfied is Anton with his steel horse?

“I am very satisfied! In terms of mechanics or software, I haven’t had any problems, the bike just keeps going, every time. The pedal assistance is also intuitive and does what it needs to. I think the only downside to this bike is the seat’s racing position, especially for longer distances. It’s tiring for my wrists and hands, and unfortunately, you can’t raise the handlebars of this bike. Shorter people will find the racing position less of a problem, but taller individuals should look at the Cowboy Cruiser instead.”

Read more about the Cowboy cruiser in our Cowboy Cruiser Performance review.

Would you choose this bike again?

“I would definitely choose a Cowboy again! But due to the racing position of the seat, I would go for the Cowboy Cruiser. I find the Cruiser just a little more comfortable for someone of my height.”

Also a Cowboy Classic just like Anton?

Lease your ideal Cowboy with o2o Bicycle Leasing. With our reliable service and user-friendly tools, you’ll make a smart move!

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