Cycling is choosing for a sustainable mobility. Discover in these articles what is going on in the Belgian mobility landscape, updates in the traffic regulations and the right to a bicycle allowance through your employer.

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All you need to know about the bicycle allowance

3 min leestijd

Are you sporty and do you like to get a breath of fresh air before starting a busy working day? Then cycling to and from work is the ideal way for you to get around. On top of that, you often get a bicycle allowance or bicycle lease contract from your employer. This way, you will eventually earn back the cost of your bicycle. And it doesn’t matter whether you ride a roaring racing bike, a handy cargo bike or a fast speed pedelec. The bicycle allowance is available for every type of cyclist.


Combo-mobility, a no-brainer yes or no?

3 min leestijd

What is combo mobility? Combo mobility means combining different ways of transport to reach your work, friends, or family. The possibilities for combining are extensive. Very extensive. Because you can, for example, use the train, tram, bus, shared bicycle, or car. Using your own bicycle and walking also qualify as combo mobility. Planning a trip? […]


With a bicycle allowance, the lease amount for your company bicycle is quickly recovered

1 min leestijd

A lease bicycle through your work, accessible for everyone   Following a survey among 2,000 working Belgians, Acerta and the research bureau Indiville establish that the bicycle is rapidly gaining ground in commuter traffic. The results show that 28 per cent of Belgians are interested in leasing a bicycle through their employer. For 49 per […]

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Safety on the speed pedelec: avoid accidents among your employees.

2 min leestijd

Tips to avoid accidents among your employees. You are never alone on the road, certainly not when you are on your way to or coming back from your work every morning or evening. Therefore it is important to urge your employees to drive safely with a speed pedelec and so avoid accidents in your company. With […]

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