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Spending more hours in the saddle than in the car: discover Josefien’s cycling ambition


  • Name : Josefien Nuyttens
  • Company : TVH
  • Lease bicycle : Yuba KOMBI cargo bike
  • Commute : 18 km


By cycling to work every day, Josefien was soon able to halve her annual car mileage. And for her, that can only bring many benefits. Since leasing her handy Yuba cargo bike through o2o, she has been able to push her boundaries further and further – both literally and figuratively. What started as a plan to cycle to work one day a week soon grew into cycling several days a week, no matter the weather. Want to know the reason behind Josefien’s motivation to cycle to work, as well as why her colleagues find her enthusiasm is so contagious? Find out everything there is to know in her inspiring cycling story.

Pushing boundaries, one pedal at a time

Having been with TVH for 11 years, Josefien used to travel to work almost exclusively by car. A 20-minute drive, which became longer and longer as the years went by due to ever-increasing roadworks and traffic. However, for this frustration, she discovered the ideal solution: an electric bike! Opting to lease a bicycle through her work, the aim was to cycle to work at least one day per week. However, after experiencing the many benefits, she would soon start pushing her limits further and further:

Cycling is addictive. From one day pedalling to work, I soon progressed to several days a week. At first, I would only ride in good weather. However, I would soon push my own limits when it came to that, too. Now that I have the right rain gear, it doesn’t matter if the weather is bad: I will ride my bike come rain or shine!

o2o ambassador Josefien on her way to work with her lease bike.


Since leasing her nifty Yuba cargo bike, Josefien has realised just how easy it can be to ditch her car. Over the space of a year, her car mileage has halved, something she is – quite rightly – enormously proud of: ‘I don’t feel any barrier towards cycling now. In fact, the goal is now to spend more hours this year in the saddle than sat in the car. A lot more eco-friendly, and I get to come home more relaxed and refreshed… it’s a win-win!’

Flexible, cost-effective and good for your health

The benefits of leasing a bicycle soon became clear to Josefien: ‘As a mother of two, I lead a busy life, which leaves me with little room for regular exercise. By cycling to work, I am suddenly able to become active for an hour and a half every day. Not only does this feel amazing, but it’s also a whole lot better for the planet!’. On top of that, she finds that, financially speaking, the lease formula is highly appealing, since there are no real risks involved: theft, maintenance and insurance, everything is included in your lease package.

However, what most won her over was the level of flexibility:

Right now, this bike fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. Every day, I am able to drop my son off to school, before then running a few errands. That being said, perhaps I’ll need a new model in a few years’ time. Once my lease expires – in my case, after three years – I can simply start a new contract and choose a completely different bike. That way, I will be able to adapt which bicycle I choose to lease, suiting my needs for years to come. For me, having that flexibility is a huge plus!

Cycling culture at TVH

At TVH’s Waregem offices, cycling is clearly something they have embraced with open arms, with its growing bike storage facilities getting more impressive each year: ‘More and more colleagues are discovering the benefits of cycling to work, and our bike storage facility is expanding year on year. Thanks in no small part to the ever-increasing range of cargo and carrier bikes, any barriers when it comes to cycling are getting lower and lower’. What’s more, the site also includes additional facilities such as showers, changing rooms and charging facilities for e-bikes.

To give employees that extra little push, o2o visited TVH with a test caravan, allowing them to test out several bicycle types and models. These test rides have proven especially useful in winning over those hesitant employees who are used to riding neither regular nor electric bikes. For her part, Josefien is determined to convince every one of her fellow co-workers to give bicycle leasing a go:

I really don’t see any downside. If you’re considering cycling to work, just take the plunge and go for a lease bicycle. Trust me: once you ride electric, you’ll never want to go back!

o2o ambassador Josefien arriving at work on her cargo lease bike.

On a smart move with o2o

When first signing up, Josefien was expecting a lengthy process. However, nothing could be further from the truth: ‘I was surprised at how easy the whole ordering process was. It took me more time to figure out the right bike mark and model than to order the bicycle itself! Once I made my decision, everything went so smoothly.’

When it came to choosing her ideal bicycle, Josefien visited her local bike dealer, which, like 1,200+ other dealers, is part of our open o2o network: ‘o2o has a huge network of bicycle dealers you can freely choose from. As it turned out, my local bike shop is also affiliated, making the whole thing very accessible. When it comes to any maintenance or problems that need fixing, they are there to help me get right back on track.’

For Josefien, making the ‘smart move’ towards cycling means freedom above all else. You decide when to leave, and you don’t have to deal with any delays. What’s more, cycling can also become a perfect part of your daily exercise routine. And this something she wouldn’t change for the world: ‘Even when I’m working from home, I manage to hop on my bike every day, dropping my son off to school and do some shopping. There are rarely days where I don’t cycle. There’s no doubt about it: choosing a lease bicycle was the best decision I ever made!’

Inspired by Josefien’s cycling story?

Starting to catch the cycling bug from hearing Josefien’s story? Want to know more about bicycle leasing through work? Visit our website to find out more, or simply download our persuasion package and provide your employer with one!

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