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Vaigo & o2o company bike lease: Bike lease from one mobility portal 

Brand new o2o partner Vaigo connects all mobility providers with your business mobility, payroll and HR processes. And within this wide range of flexible mobility options, o2o bike leasing could not be missing. Read more...

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The advantages of bicycle leasing at a glance

Advantage 1: the more you cycle, the better for your health Taking your bike for going to work regularly, is the easiest way for having a sound work-out session. According to a TNO-report, cycling on a regular basis increases your fitness by 13% and helps burning calories. Cycling also reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular […]

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A brandnew logo for o2o

The mobility sector is changing fast and o2o holds a lead position in the bicycle leasing segment. That’s why it is proud to launch its new logo: dynamic as a professional racing cyclist, strong as the carbon fiber of a bicycle frame.

Cycling fun, Employee

Especially for you, o2o made a selection of 5 Belgian films about cycling, in our mind the best way to come back to strength. So lean back, relax and enjoy a well-earned break.

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Into winter on your lease bike: some tips for fighting the cold

Keep your lease bike in top condition  In winter time, the maintenance of your lease bike needs extra attention. Mud, small stones and branches of trees, salt, … after a couple of hours of cycling a lot of dirt sticks to your bicycle. Try to clean it a little after each ride, so to keep […]

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Bicycle safety in traffic: some tips and tricks for safe winter cycling

Bicycle safety in traffic, the classics: Control well in advance whether your bicycle lights are functioning properly, at the front as well as at the back. If you are not convinced of the quality, then buy an extra set of removable flickering lights for extra visibility. Getting noticed, that’s the message! Therefore, avoid wearing dark clothes as […]

Cycling fun

How to get most out of your e-bike’s battery

Cycling around on an e-bike? Learn hereunder how to get most out of your battery!

Cycling fun

Myth denied: cycling with an e-bike is not cheating

Many cyclists consider cycling with an electrical bicycle as cheating, without any positive effect on the e-biker’s physical condition. Nothing is less true, say researchers at the Bristol University.

Cycling fun

5 good reasons to commute by bike

In summertime, people often go to work by bike. And it is indeed advantageous to do so. There are still too many people that prefer taking their car, although the distance isn’t that long. Learn hereunder about the five major advantages of cycling.

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