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Marcin takes his trendy racing bike on a new adventure every week


  • Name: Marcin
  • Commuting distance: 12 km
  • Bike type: Canyon racing bike


Marcin has been a cyclist for 3 years. He likes the speed of his racing bike and the contact with like-minded cycling enthusiasts. Thanks to bicycle leasing, he found his ideal two-wheeler, which fits perfectly within his budget.

Speed lover

Marcin used to do motocross. After a bad fall and subsequent rehabilitation, he was no longer able to continue doing so. Fortunately, Marcin did not throw in the towel – and he started looking for a new hobby. At first, he tried out off-road cycling, but this wasn’t exactly his cup of tea: “You cover a limited distance in the forest and you don’t get ahead super fast… Nothing for me.” Because speed, that’s what makes Marcin tick.

When he eventually tried out the Canyon road bike, he was immediately hooked. “The light frame, the balanced geometry, the superior steering … a dream bike!”

Marcin is hooked on the feeling of freedom that his Canyon gives him – and loves to rush down a slope at full speed on his aerodynamic tyres. On the weekends he often seeks out adventure with a couple of like-minded cycling enthusiasts. “We don’t just share our passion for fast bikes, but our training schedules and eating habits align as well. That way, our joint cycle tours of around 100 kilometres run like clockwork.”

man met Canyon racefiets

The perfect work-out

Marcin has been leasing his racing bike for one year now. Thanks to bicycle leasing, he found his ideal type without paying extra costs. “It was quite exciting when I saw my bike in real life for the first time. You can only order a Canyon road bike online, so you can’t try it out or inspect it before you buy… But luckily, I found my perfect match in this type!

For Marcin, cycling is all about making a healthy effort. Since he started cycling, he has already lost eight kilos. Although a healthier weight is not the only thing that motivates him. “I like a bit of soreness afterwards, so I feel like I’ve worked on my body. The refreshing shower on my aching calves is extra satisfying that way.”

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