What do we do – cycling, of course

Cycling is freedom. All roads lay ahead of you: the one to Rome – or simply the one to work. And in order to travel those roads safely, comfortably and carefree, you need a reliable and safe bike.

With our smart bicycle leasing service for companies, we provide you with a trusted two-wheeler that will always be there for you.
Go ahead – and start dreaming about the crunch of your tyres and the roar of your dynamo… your bike will literally purr with pleasure when you get on that saddle – and maybe you’ll purr with it on the sly.

In other words, you just have to focus on what’s important to you: enjoying bike rides that are comfortable and fun – and o2o will take care of the rest. We maximise the freedom you experience on a bike and extend it to the practical stuff. In other words… All you have to do is kick it.

The advantages – yes, there is more

  • o2o is freedom: pick and choose your preferred bike type and brand
  • o2o is easy: carefree on the road with an extensive service package
  • o2o is sustainable: your bike gets a second life
  • o2o is affordable: no unforeseen costs
  • o2o is enthusiastic: we provide the cycling jitters

Who is o2o – obsessed with cycling

Hi! We are o2o: a motivated team with (at least) one shared passion: the bicycle. Our two founders, brothers Koen and Wim Floré, have enjoyed cycling ever since they were little. They hit the road as if their lives depended on it, jumped their mountainbikes every opportunity they saw and… built their very own speed pedelec avant la lettre during their engineering studies (well, they could, so why shouldn’t they?). It didn’t take long before they recognised the (electrical) bike as a worthy replacement of king car. Add to that their extensive experience in entrepreneurship and finance – et voilà: here you have the origin story of o2o bike leasing.

Today, o2o houses a well-aligned team that’s filled to the brim with cycling geeks. We don’t love to bumble around, but are looking to work towards a living and constantly evolving cycling lifestyle and culture. Together we’ll set a course towards a beneficial and more sustainable future. Are you joining the o2o team soon? We can’t wait to meet you…

Team o2o