Our two founders, the brothers Koen and Wim Floré, have always enjoyed cycling. They raced, jumped on mountain bikes and made their own speed pedelec avant la lettre during their engineering studies. Soon they saw in the (electric) bicycle a means of transport that could surpass the car. They went from experiment to insight, until they came up, while cycling, with the idea of bicycle leasing. Their passion for cycling, affinity with B2B and the fiscal leverage would soon prove an ideal combo to put this story on the Belgian map.  

The idea became a company that would not only promote bicycles, but the general call for sustainable mobility. o2o was a fact. With Tom Maes (with an MBA at Vlerick Business School), the brothers attracted a third anchor. They supported employers in the administrative part of the leasing, and gave employees the opportunity to have the bicycle of their dreams. Being in touch with the HR world was of paramount importance, so integration with all major social secretariats was one of the first goals. In this way, we take away the administrative burden from HR managers, and do not increase their workload.

Together, we set the course for a profitable and healthy future.

The abundance of passion stirred up a fire in many people. Companies and organisations chose o2o, and soon the Ghent start-up became a respected player in the bicycle leasing landscape. The online platform expanded in possibilities and developers, which allowed o2o to make its own strong mark in the IT field. 

Meanwhile, we are a well-oiled team of cycling enthusiasts, each with an appropriate background. The o2o peloton is a group that does not like to stand still, but wants to work on a cycling culture that as many employees as possible can enjoy. We are always ready, open to feedback and eager to improve.


We make you(r) ride easier!

Team o2o