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From cargo bike to speed pedelec: how a cafeteria plan sparked an entire cycling movement

There’s an Evenepoel in all of us. At least in all of the cycling colleagues at the West Flemish IT company ConXioN. The company has about 100 employees on its payroll and the o2o bicycle plan is particularly well received.

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ConXioN has been a digital service provider for 25 years, guiding clients through digital transformations. “Our colleagues enjoy working in our company because they are given the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment attentive to their needs. The cafeteria plan is the perfect answer to offer our employees something extra. An interesting benefit because it gives more autonomy and fits perfectly within our corporate vision,” says Hanne Vermès, HR Manager at ConXioN.

The end-of-year bonus is nice to have, but in net terms it leaves you with little to show for. A cafeteria plan enriches your salary package in a flexible way and the Ghent company Payflip makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Doesn’t ConXioN have enough in-house knowledge to implement such a cafeteria plan?

Hanne: No, we did not set up a cafeteria plan ourselves and preferred to leave it up to specialists. In principle, every social secretariat offers a cafeteria plan, but it is often a complex story. Payflip is a flexible partner and takes a no-nonsense approach. You have no unforeseen costs, they stick to the agreed package and what you see as a necessary part, is in your own hands.

Bicycle leasing seems to be getting more popular every day. Did you receive any inquiries about it?

Hanne: We never follow a new trend overnight, but bicycle leasing is particularly interesting because the benefit is twofold. On the one hand there is the fiscal advantage, bicycle leasing is an indispensable pillar in the cafeteria plan. On the other hand, there is the mental element, because it encourages your employees to exercise more.

How did you get in touch with o2o?

Hanne: o2o is a regular partner of Payflip. After a brief comparison between different bicycle leasing companies, o2o turned out to be the most flexible. Their reach is immense (with more than 1,000 bicycle dealers in Belgium being partner of the o2o network – Editor’s note) and for us it is important that a bicycle dealer is available and close to every employee. Even if your bicycle dealer is not yet part of their network, o2o will contact them to start a cooperation.

Does bicycle leasing at o2o also fit into ConXioN’s sustainability strategy? 

Hanne: We have been committed to sustainability and movement for a long time. Our head office is right next to the Provincial Nature Park “De Gavers”, making it easy for colleagues to go for a walk or a run in the afternoon. We also have a gym at our disposal and a fit@conxion working group.

ConXioNeers in their company fitness.

ConXioNeers in their company fitness.


Bicycle leasing is part of our employees’ mental well-being. More exercise ensures better psychological well-being. Moreover, a bicycle makes people feel good, because they can lease a nice bicycle they wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Why is it that so many ConXioNeers have hopped on a lease bicycle? 

Hanne: When we hire new employees, we focus on proximity. Because many colleagues live close by, many of them were immediately won over to lease a bicycle. Had there not been a temporary shortage on the market, even more people would have opted for a lease bicycle. 

How did the rollout of the cafeteria plan go, and in particular for bicycle leasing? 

Hanne: Very nice and smooth! o2o gave both the HR department and the colleagues a thorough explanation of how everything works in terms of insurance and maintenance. Afterwards, any colleague could also ask questions in the chat and get a quick answer. Handy! All of this makes o2o a very accessible company. Working with Payflip made us soon realise they only select no-nonsense partners to work with.

What did the employees think of bicycle leasing? 

Hanne: They like it, because it makes you feel like you’re getting a free bicycle as a gift. You offer so much added value with a cafeteria plan. An end-of-year bonus could never create the same effect. No one thanks me for the end-of-year bonus, but I received nice compliments for the flexibility of the cafeteria plan.

When you start a cafeteria plan, you have to think of it as an investment. It’s quite an intensive process, but an immense addition to your salary package. The outcome is totally worth it, as you put a big smile on your employees’ faces. And satisfied employees, that’s what we do it for!

Encourage the cycling culture in your organization

Inspired by ConXioN’s story? Do you also want more employees on their bicycle? We’d love to help you shift the cycling culture in your organization up a gear. Get in touch with us.

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