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21.09.2021 - Reading time: 1 min

Not even an injury can keep Peggy from biking to work


  • Name: Peggy
  • Commuting distance: 11 km
  • Type of bike: speed pedelec Giant


For Peggy, getting on that bike is pure joy: it makes her feel healthier and gives her more energy. Even with a foot injury, she cycles to work as much as possible. She keeps going, rain or sunshine: nothing stops her from enjoying her daily bicycle ride.

Avoiding traffic jams

‘Sporty spice’ Peggy used to run and do gymnastics, but today she prefers to get on her bicycle. She often takes her children on relaxing bike rides – or cycles with them to school. “Thanks to bicycle leasing, I opted for a speed pedelec. Now I can easily keep up with my energetic offspring!

The speed pedelec is perfect for Peggy. “On my route to work, there are many roadworks and traffic jams. By bike and ferry, I’m only 30 minutes away from work, which is much faster than by car.” The weather is no barrier either: wrapped up warm and with a waterproof raincoat, she easily braves rain or freezing temperatures. Rain or shine, Peggy continues to cycle!

vrouw met speed pedelec

Cycling as a way of healing

“I like cycling in the open air. It’s good for my health and it makes me feel more energetic. A few months ago, I injured my right foot, but luckily the doctor allowed me to ride again after a few weeks. I’m slowly increasing my cycling time and distance – and hope to strengthen my foot in the process. Hopefully I’ll be pedalling at full speed again in a few weeks’ time!”

Peggy is a fan of bicycle leasing: “You can test out different types of bikes and choose the one that suits you best. I am extremely happy with my speed pedelec and will definitely purchase it when my contract expires.” Peggy is totally hooked on the sound of the crunch of her tyres on the road and the fast whooshing along the beautiful inner roads around Ghent.

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