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Van interessante informatie en handige tips tot leuke acties en fietsverhalen: in onze blog vind je het allemaal.

Bicycle leasing in your cafeteria plan: how does it work?

Would you like to include bicycle leasing as a popular fringe benefit in your cafeteria plan too? That's super-easy to do! We'll explain how you do so in this blog.

OTA Insight smoothly on the pedals with o2o Bicycle Leasing

Reno Van Impe, People Ops Coordinator, explains in the video below why at OTA Insight they are so excited about o2o Bicycle Leasing.

A cracking cycling event for your employees

Want to get your employees excited about cycling? A free test event organized by o2o Bicycle Leasing is the perfect way to achieve that! Find out all about it here.

Bicycle leasing through o2o as accessible as it is easy

David, talent coach at vdk bank, would recommend that all companies opt for bicycle leasing with o2o Bicycle Leasing. In this article, he explains why vdk bank chose bicycle leasing.

Bicycle leasing as a popular fringe benefit in Belgium

Fringe benefits, such as bicycle leasing, the popular fringe benefit in Belgium, remain in demand for both companies and employees. But why is that? We will tell you all about it in this blog.

Sustainable business with government support

Did you know that as a company you can reap generous green rewards when you invest in sustainable mobility? Discover all about it here.

4 tips to create a cycling culture within your company

How do you install a real cycling culture in your company? With our 4 golden tips, we’d like to get you started.

How to become an ‘Employer of choice’?

urious to know how you can win the battle to become the preferred 'Employer of choice'? You will discover all about it in our blog.

Innovative drying room in UZ Ghent spoils cyclists in the rain

Innovative drying room at UZ Gent.

What is bicycle leasing?

What exactly is bicycle leasing? And how does it work? In this blog, we explain it to you!

What are the costs of bicycle leasing for the employer?

The government provides a diverse pallet of measures, allowing companies to encourage their employees to cycle to work more often in many different ways. Discover the tax benefits listed here.

7 frequently asked questions by HR about the bicycle allowance

Do you have questions concerning the bicycle allowance? If so, you're in the right place, because in this blog, we address frequently questions asked by HR departments about the bicycle allowance.

Digital bicycle leasing with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme

Are you offering flexible income plans through SD Worx? If so, we have good news for you: our plugin integrates with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme to handle everything for you!

o2o took a close look at the new Cowboy Cruiser Performance

Our Cowboy enthusiasts Jan and Anton hopped onto the new Cowboy Cruiser Performance and are raring to share their conclusions with you!

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