Leasing a bicycle through your employer

Why buy if leasing is up to 40% cheaper?

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The benefits of bicycle leasing as an employee

Tax benefit

Bicycle leasing is up to 40% cheaper than a private purchase, and on top of that, you get all the services and accessories you lease along with it just as beneficial!

Tailored lease package

Your lease package always contains coverage against damage and theft anyway, along with a replacement bicycle. Supplement this with a maintenance budget of your choice for repairs and so much more!

Get to work the healthy way

A daily dose of exercise, parking anywhere for free and never stressing about traffic jams anymore? You get that along with your lease bicycle too! That way, you'll arrive at your destination happy and fit.

Ecological footprint

You will use a high-quality bicycle that suits your needs more. You'll choose to cycle more often, while helping to work on a greener planet!

Step-by-step plan for bicycle leasing for employees

Find your bicycle and your bicycle dealer

Have you gone over our kick-off presentation and are you ready to lease your bicycle? Then discover which bicycle meets your needs and simulate your lease price to find out your tax benefit. Curious as to where the bicycle you want is distributed? Then use our handy search tool. Also be sure to think about what accessories you would lease with it (helmet, bags, etc.).

Create a myo2o Biker account

Ready for the next step and has your employer signed up with us? Then create a myo2o Biker account to calculate the lease price based on the exact parameters that apply at your organisation. You can use the tool to manage your quote, order your bicycle and track your order.

Request an (online) quote

Is your company organising a test event? Then you can test several bicycles there and get some advice from our experts. Is that not the case? You can also test bicycles with your local bicycle dealer. Request an (online) quote for the bicycle(s) you're interested in and the accompanying accessories.

Calculate your contribution

Have you got a quote through your bicycle dealer, an online dealer or o2o? Then you can manage this in our portal at myo2o Biker. You can now also calculate the estimated net contribution based on the parameters for the lease bicycle and your employer.

Order your lease bicycle

Does the net contribution calculated fit your budget? Great, then you can order your lease bicycle! Once the bicycle has been ordered, o2o Bicycle Leasing and your employer must still approve it. Has that been done? Then you just need to wait till your bicycle is delivered and then… get cruising!

Simulate your lease price and benefit!

List price for the bicycle:
Your monthly net contribution*:
Individual cost for this package:
€ 5.584
Price through o2o Bicycle Leasing:
€ 3.111
Your benefit through o2o Bicycle Leasing**
€ 2.473
Does your employer already have a bicycle plan with o2o? Calculate your exact contribution in myo2o Biker!

These services are included in this calculation:

  • Damage & theft warranty
  • Frequently chosen annual maintenance budget of 175 euros
  • Optional: Breakdown assistance 24/7 across the Benelux
  • Optional: civil liability
  • Optional: extra warranty

* This depends upon your individual situation! For convenience, we have assumed averages as regards gross wage and income tax / social security. The calculation is based on a term of 36 months and a residual value of 16%.

** This amount is the simulated benefit through o2o Bicycle Leasing compared to the same package for an individual purchase.

Can I lease a bicycle through o2o Bicycle Leasing?

Good question! You can only lease a bicycle through o2o Bicycle Leasing if your employer is a client of ours. Not sure whether your employer has signed up with us? Check with your employer whether that is the case.

Is your employer an o2o client? Perfect! Time to discover the ins and outs of bicycle leasing. Take the first step and find out how bicycle leasing works. 

Discover how bicycle leasing works

Which bicycle is right for me?

Will it be an electric bicycle or will you go for a cargo bicycle? Or would you prefer a racing bicycle or a mountain bike? You might need a speed pedelec for long distances? There is so much to choose from, but which bicycle suits you best now?

We will gladly help you find your perfect match! On our bicycle type page, you can find out what kinds of bicycles there are, the kinds of brands you can turn to per type of bicycle and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Discover the bicycle types

Our cyclists


A question? You're probably not the only one! You might find the answer below among the frequently asked questions.

What type of bicycle can I lease: electric bicycle, cargo bicycle, speed pedelec, mountain bike, etc.?

With o2o Bicycle Leasing, you have the freedom to choose what type of bicycle you lease entirely by yourself. From electric bicycles and speed pedelecs to reclining bicycles or mountain bikes. On our bicycle type page, you can find out what bicycle types exist, what their advantages and disadvantages are and which brands offer them.

Can I combine my lease bicycle with my company car?

You can combine your lease bicycle perfectly with a company car. There are a great many employees who choose to do that. We can hear your next question coming: can you get a bicycle allowance if you have a company car? In most cases, you are entitled to a bicycle allowance for the days you come to work by bicycle. When are you not entitled to that? If your company or joint committee's CLA stipulates that you cannot combine a company car with a bicycle allowance.

Read more about the bicycle allowance >

Am I required to ride my bicycle to work every working day?

Not at all! You choose for yourself how often you commute to work by bicycle. As far as we're concerned: the more, the merrier! 😉 Please note: you pay no BiK (Benefit in Kind) on your bicycle on the condition that you regularly use your bicycle for commuting. Exactly how often 'regularly' means is nowhere defined. For most employers, the target figure is 20%. This means that, on an annual basis, you need to commute to work by bicycle on one in five working days.

Can I have my partner or colleague ride my lease bicycle?

Certainly! Your bicycle is covered for use by your family members and your colleagues. Up to you whether you want to share your bicycle with them too. Of course, the idea is that you are riding it enough as well. This generally means that you cycle to work 20% of the time (on an annual basis), so as to justify the exemption from BiK (Benefit in Kind). Your company's bicycle policy will include the exact target figure.

What effect does bicycle leasing have on my pension, end-of-year bonus or holiday money?

Let us reassure you at once: the effect that bicycle leasing has on your pension, end-of-year bonus or holiday money is practically negligible. Our experts explain all about it in this blog: What are the effects of bicycle leasing on your pension and other social benefits?

What if I leave my employer earlier?

If you terminate your employment contract, your participation as an employee in your employer's bicycle plan will cease automatically. Then, there are two options:

  • You take over your bicycle for payment of compensation, which depends upon the lease term already elapsed. Because the longer your contract runs for, the more you have contributed.
  • You hand your bicycle in and pay a termination fee for this (which is determined at the start of the contract).

Would you like to know what costs are involved in the early termination of a contract? You can! You can easily simulate the costs, such as the takeover price or termination cost, in myo2o Biker. Have you run a simulation of early termination and would you like to end your contract? Then contact your HR manager to get started with the termination of your contract.

How do I finance my lease bicycle?

There are a great many ways to finance your lease bicycle. The most well-known method is the gross salary sacrifice, but alongside that, there are a range of options based on the sector in which you are employed.

  • End-of-year bonus (13th month)
  • Exchanging holiday days
  • Bonuses
  • Holiday money
  • Exchanging your bicycle allowance

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Didn’t find your answer in our FAQ?

Then a visit to our Help center might assist you further. Not able to find an answer there either? If so, our experts can certainly provide you with an answer to your question.

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