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Bicycle leasing in your cafeteria plan: how does it work?

Would you like to include bicycle leasing as a popular fringe benefit in your cafeteria plan too? That's super-easy to do! We'll explain how you do so in this blog.

OTA Insight smoothly on the pedals with o2o Bicycle Leasing

Reno Van Impe, People Ops Coordinator, explains in the video below why at OTA Insight they are so excited about o2o Bicycle Leasing.

Bicycle leasing: the 8 most popular bicycle models in 2023

Wondering what the most popular lease bike models are at the moment? We list for you the top 8 most leased bikes at o2o last year. Discover them here!

What is bicycle leasing?

What exactly is bicycle leasing? And how does it work? In this blog, we explain it to you!

To buy or to lease a bicycle - which is cheaper?

You often hear that leasing a bike is cheaper than buying one, but is that true? Our experts figured it out for you.

How much will a lease bicycle cost me as an employee?

Curious about how much a lease bicycle would cost you as an employee? Then we’ve got you covered! Because we'll explain to you what a lease bicycle costs and how the lease price is calculated.

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