OTA Insight smoothly on the pedals with o2o Bicycle Leasing

August 8, 2023
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At Lighthous, they prioritize the well-being of their employees, both physically and mentally. So when the question of bicycle leasing for employees popped up several times, it was an obvious choice for management to look for a bicycle leasing partner. Through their Flex partner, they came into contact with o2o. Reno Van Impe, People Ops Coordinator, explains in the video below why at OTA Insight they are so excited about o2o Bicycle Leasing.

An easy connection between o2o and Flex partner

When starting the cafeteria plan, it was important for OTA Insight to incorporate bicycle leasing as well. "o2o turned out to be the ideal partner for this. With the simple connection between the systems of o2o and the Flex partner, the start-up went very smoothly", explains an enthusiastic Reno.

It was a must for OTA Insight to also encourage other forms of mobility such as bicycle leasing to provide a solution to the ever-lengthening traffic jams. On top of that, you enjoy a lot of tax advantages if you lease a bicycle through your employer. Reno also sees many benefits in this:

With the tax benefit of bicycle leasing, bikes in a higher price range, such as electric bicycles and speed pedelecs, become a lot more accessible. Win-win!

In addition, at OTA, they can sleep on both ears that their employees also hit the road worry-free, thanks to the additional services included in the lease package such as breakdown assistance, maintenance budget, etc. Because with o2o, you always make a smart move!

User-friendly and clear tools, for both employer and employee

At o2o, you can count on smooth processing thanks to the user-friendly and clear tools. Reno is also a fan of the online tools:

For OTA, o2o Bicycle Leasing means very little extra workload with its extensive automation. Because at o2o, the tools take as much of HR's administration out of their hands as possible: from request to invoicing, everything runs smoothly.

In addition, employees can also easily simulate in their own tool myo2o Biker what the impact is on their wages, place an order and track it all easily. That way, employees are riding around on their favorite two-wheeler in no time.

Enthusiastic employees

o2o also organized a test event where employees could extensively test different bike types and models and ask questions to an o2o expert. The simple ordering process and free choice in bicycle dealers, models and accessories also provided an additional incentive.

OTA Insight hasn't missed the boat and kick-started o2o Bicycle Leasing. A lot of employees at OTA have already dived into the story of bicycle leasing and that makes us very happy at o2o!

Let your employees also enjoy a lease bicycle

Would you also like to offer bicycle leasing to your employees? Then contact an expert and we will be happy to draw up a personal bicycle plan for your company.

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