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A cracking cycling event for your employees

June 6, 2024
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Did you know that we host free cycling events at our clients' facilities in order to kick-start bicycle leasing? Once your bicycle plan with o2o Bicycle Leasing is up and running, we'll be happy to speed our way to your place for a glorious test event. That is our way of helping your employees on their journey towards their ideal bicycle.

What does a test event entail?

During one of our test events, experts from o2o Bicycle Leasing will visit your company together with a local bicycle dealer. That bicycle dealer won't just come to the event empty handed, but will bring different types and models of bicycle along too. So your employees can try out bicycles to their heart's content!

Want to make it a real experience? Then our Tour d'o2o comes highly recommended. If you book it, not only are bicycles provided, but snacks and drinks are included too! That way you'll have a fun corporate event for your employees right away.

Tip: combine your test event with a kick-off presentation

That way, we can provide you, as an employer or HR manager, with an even more comprehensive solution. Because during one of these kick-off sessions, we highlight all aspects of bicycle leasing and explain exactly how it works and what benefits employees can get from it. That way, your employees will be correctly informed and all questions will be directed at our experts, not at you.

Why will this be of interest to my employees?

For employees, this type of test event is not only the perfect opportunity to try out different bicycles, but they will get much more out of it than that. They will be able to:

  • Discover what types of bicycles are available
  • Ask questions to experts
  • Order their lease bicycle right away
  • Compare notes with other cycling-minded colleagues.

Curious to know what a test event looks like?

Jonas, Compensiation & Benefits Officer at Renson, is happy to explain!

Can anyone request a test event?

A test event like that looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Go to myo2o Fleet & HR and book a test event for your organisation. You choose the date and the time and we'll take care of the rest! One important condition: to book one of our test events, you must be a client of o2o Bicycle Leasing of course. Not yet a client? It's high time to change that! Get in touch with our experts and discuss bicycle leasing options for your organisation!

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