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That's definitely worth the effort! We have +370,000 employees with access to bicycle leasing and fully digital administration. Quickly discover the benefits of a partnership with o2o Bicycle Leasing.


Nothing but benefits

We do the cyclists, you the bicycles

As an experienced bicycle dealer, you know how to tune things up: fiddling with worn-out gears, repairing brake pads or replacing spokes. You do it with a lot of love and a lot of speed.

Besides that, are you also an accomplished specialist in the technical details of various bicycle brands? Great! Then we're looking for you. And hey, it's totally free to join! So, you've got nothing to lose.

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Boost your bicycle sales

As a bicycle dealer in o2o Bicycle Leasing's network, you will have a stable flow of customers. After all, at present, there are more than 370,000 employees with access to a lease bicycle through o2o. These are all potential customers who can easily find your shop through our Bike Dealer tool.

Worry-free digital administration

Paperwork? This is a thing of the past thanks to our handy tools. Submit quotes digitally and upload invoices. Bicycle dealers working with us consider our platform to be the best and most user-friendly one on the market.

Generate extra income

Because we find it important for our lease bicycles to be well-maintained, we encourage our cyclists to put their lease bicycle in for maintenance at least once a year. For you as a bicycle dealer, annual maintenance is also a great opportunity to generate some extra income. So it's a win-win, as our cyclists will be riding with a bicycle in tip-top condition, plus you have a recurring source of income.

High-end bicycles and accessories

Thanks to the tax benefit of the gross salary sacrifice, our customers have access to all types of bicycles, including the more expensive ones. That means they can lease a high-quality bicycle that perfectly meets their needs, so they can commute in complete comfort.

For you as a bicycle dealer, that means you will sell more bicycles in a higher price class. To make sure our cyclists can get on the road worry-free, they also get the opportunity to lease some (high-end) accessories along with it, such as a high-quality helmet and handy cycling bags.

Together on a smart move?

Want to enjoy the many benefits that a partnership offers you as an o2o Bicycle Leasing partner? Don't hesitate and put yourself forward as a partner.

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