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To buy or to lease a bicycle - which is cheaper?

You often hear that leasing a bike is cheaper than buying one, but is that true? Our experts figured it out for you.

7 frequently asked questions by HR about the bicycle allowance

Do you have questions concerning the bicycle allowance? If so, you're in the right place, because in this blog, we address frequently questions asked by HR departments about the bicycle allowance.

A cracking cycling event for your employees

Want to get your employees excited about cycling? A free test event organized by o2o Bicycle Leasing is the perfect way to achieve that! Find out all about it here.

Digital bicycle leasing with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme

Are you offering flexible income plans through SD Worx? If so, we have good news for you: our plugin integrates with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme to handle everything for you!

How much will a lease bicycle cost me as an employee?

Curious about how much a lease bicycle would cost you as an employee? Then we’ve got you covered! Because we'll explain to you what a lease bicycle costs and how the lease price is calculated.

Spending more hours in the saddle than in the car: discover Josefien’s cycling ambition

Want to know the reason behind Josefien’s motivation to cycle to work, as well as why her colleagues find her enthusiasm is so contagious? Find out everything there is to know here.

Bicycle leasing through o2o as accessible as it is easy

David, talent coach at vdk bank, would recommend that all companies opt for bicycle leasing with o2o Bicycle Leasing. In this article, he explains why vdk bank chose bicycle leasing.

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