Bicycle leasing: a carefree journey for employer and employee

Cost neutral for employers and up to 40% cheaper than a private purchase for employees.

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  • + 1.300Organisations that are clients of o2o Bicycle Leasing
  • + 370.000Employees with access to an o2o lease bicycle
  • + 1.400Bicycle dealers in the o2o network

Bicycle leasing


The benefits of bicycle leasing

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Why choose o2o Bicycle Leasing?

Minimal administration thanks to our tools that give peace of mind

Approve bicycle orders in one click, receive digital invoices and sign all documents digitally. With our Fleet & HR tool we make it as easy for you as possible. We continue to develop our tools so as to align them even more closely to your needs!

Guidance from our experts throughout the process

From drawing up a tailored bicycle policy and designing the addendum to the employment contract to salary sacrifice calculations, we are here for you. And getting your team interested in bicycle leasing? This is what our free kick-off sessions and test events are for!

Worry-free cycling for employees

Our network of more than 1,400 bicycle dealers is the largest in Belgium. In addition, we offer a wide selection from more than 580 bicycle brands, as well as a full service package. With us, your employees can hit the road worry-free!

The most far-reaching integrations with partners

Our tools integrate seamlessly with the most flexible reward partners and cafeteria plans in Belgium. That makes it far easier for you to manage your payroll, while keeping the total package of benefits for your employees manageable.

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How does bicycle leasing for employers work?

Contact our experts

Interested in wage optimisation through bicycle leasing, but still have some questions or are you looking for further information? Our experts will gladly support you with advice and assistance, with no obligation at all!

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Bicycle plan and bicycle policy tailored to your organisation

At o2o Bicycle Leasing, we provide peace of mind, and we mean that literally! This is why we will guide you in drawing up a tailored bicycle plan and supply you with a template for your bicycle policy. And the internal communication on bicycle leasing? You can get that from us too!

Free kick-off and test events

Making employees truly enthusiastic about bicycle leasing? We're the best at that! During our dazzling kick-off sessions, we explain the benefits of bicycle leasing, and at our vibrant test events, your employees can test bicycles for free, be advised by our experts and order their lease bicycle right then and there.

Worry-free monitoring for HR

Approve quotes in a single mouse click, carry out budget checks and request test events through our tool that links seamlessly with the myo2o Biker tool, where employees can simulate the gross and net contribution for their bicycle and place orders themselves. Furthermore, we offer integrations with a great many cafeteria plans and flex partners!

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What is bicycle leasing?

No less than three in four large organisations and one in two small organisations offer bicycle leasing. Bicycle leasing is therefore very popular, but what is it exactly? And how does it work?

Simply put, bicycle leasing is an interesting fringe benefit whereby employees can lease a bicycle through their organisation for a predetermined period. It is available to both blue and white collar employees, as well as civil servants and statutory employees.

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The best team in the country

Each and every o2o-er is a committed expert who is determined to offer worry-free bicycle leasing every day (and have a lot of fun besides).

o2o came about from a passion for bicycles and a desire to show people the efficiency of this mobility solution. Today, thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, there is almost nothing you can't do with a bicycle.

That's why we believe in ‘think bicycle first’, where the bicycle is the first means of transport people think of when they need to travel. Of course, that means the bicycle needs to be affordable and accessible. And that's exactly what we want to achieve with bicycle leasing for as many employees as possible.

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Our clients

Smoothly kick-start bicycle leasing with o2o

As an employer, do you want to enjoy all the benefits of bicycle leasing without administrative hassle? You can with o2o Bicycle Leasing!

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What is bicycle leasing?

What exactly is bicycle leasing? And how does it work? In this blog, we explain it to you!

Bicycle leasing in your cafeteria plan: how does it work?

Would you like to include bicycle leasing as a popular fringe benefit in your cafeteria plan too? That's super-easy to do! We'll explain how you do so in this blog.

OTA Insight smoothly on the pedals with o2o Bicycle Leasing

Reno Van Impe, People Ops Coordinator, explains in the video below why at OTA Insight they are so excited about o2o Bicycle Leasing.

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Do you have questions about bicycle leasing? Feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail. Are you having any doubts about setting up bicycle leasing? Then book in a meeting with our experts – they will show you the way!