Bicycle leasing for companies

The budget-neutral route to a future-proof salary package.

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Advantages of bicycle leasing for employers

Discover the advantages of bicycle leasing for employers here

Strong employer image

Bicycle leasing makes you an attractive employer in the labour market. This will allow you to attract new talent and keep your employees happy and healthy.

Why choose o2o?

Choosing the bicycle leasing partner that gives you the most peace of mind in Belgium, just like more than 1,300 other companies? That means:

  • Our in-house developed tools that reduce administration to an absolute minimum, while also seamlessly integrating with most payroll and flexible reward systems.

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  • Experts who will draw up a tailored bicycle plan with great enthusiasm, supply addenda and support you in the salary swap calculation.
  • High-quality test events, access to a test fleet and a smashing kick-off session.

How does bicycle leasing for companies work?

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Are you considering introducing bicycle leasing as an employer, but you still have some questions? Our experts will be delighted to give you some extra information and advice, without obligation.

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Custom bicycle plan and bicycle policy

At o2o Bicycle Leasing, we take a thorough approach to giving you peace of mind. This is why we supply you with a bicycle policy template, provide the addenda for the employment contracts and assist with drawing up a custom bicycle plan.

Free kick-off and test events

Making employees enthusiastic about bicycle leasing? During our engaging kick-off sessions, we explore all the benefits of bicycle leasing. At our free test events, employees can not only test bicycles, but also consult our experts and even order their lease bicycle right away.

Easily monitor your bicycle fleet

With our Fleet & HR tool, you don't need to work up a sweat. In just one click, you can approve quotes, carry out budget checks and request test events. The tool integrates seamlessly with the myo2o Biker tool, where employees can calculate their lease price themselves and order their lease bicycle. And not to forget: there are also the integrations with cafeteria plans and flex partners!

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Smoothly kick-start bicycle leasing with o2o

Enjoying all the benefits of bicycle leasing without any administrative hassle? With o2o Bicycle Leasing, you're guaranteed a smooth ride!

Offering bicycle leasing


What will bicycle leasing cost me as an employer?

For you as an employer, bicycle leasing is budget neutral. That means you don't need to pay anything for your employee's lease bicycle as an employer. How can that be? Because bicycle leasing is 100% tax deductible. No surprise, then, that bicycle leasing is often chosen as a way of optimising the salary. 

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Moreover, bicycle leasing is also tax efficient for your employees – so it's a win-win! Would you still like to meet your employees somewhere in the middle? Then you can make a net contribution to motivate and support your team even further to choose a bicycle.

Is bicycle leasing part of a cafeteria plan or other flexible  reward packages?

You can certainly include bicycle leasing as part of the cafeteria plan or flexible reward package. What's more, o2o Bicycle Leasing offers links and integrations with most cafeteria plans and flexible reward plan providers. This is how we give you maximum peace of mind by simplifying the payroll and the ordering process.

Is there a minimum number of employees required to set up bicycle leasing?

You can set up bicycle leasing with o2o Bicycle Leasing if your company employs at least 10 staff members. How many employees ultimately lease a bicycle is not important when setting up bicycle leasing – we don't set any minimum uptake. Although we would of course like to see as many employees on a bicycle as possible. 😉

Will bicycle leasing take a lot more administration for me?

Bicycle leasing will take barely any extra administration for you. Certainly if you work with o2o Bicycle Leasing, as we will give you as much peace of mind as we can. How do we do that? By:

  • Developing a bicycle policy tailored to your company.
  • Drawing up the annex to the employment contract for employees.
  • Providing support for the salary sacrifice calculation for the lease bicycles.
  • Offering far-reaching integration tools that make your life easier.
  • Organising kick-off events and test events at your site.
  • Providing guidance from our onboarding specialists.
What if the employee is no longer working for you before the lease contract ends?

If an employee leaves the company, they have two options.

  • The first option is for your employee to take over the bicycle at the takeover price applicable at that time.
  • Option two is that the employee returns the bicycle and pays a termination fee to o2o Bicycle Leasing.
    Want to find out more? Our help center provides further explanation.
How do my employees finance their lease bicycle?

There are a great many ways to finance a lease bicycle. The most well-known method is the gross salary sacrifice, but alongside that, there are a range of options based on the sector in which your employees work.

  • End-of-year bonus (13th month)
  • Exchanging holiday days
  • Bonuses
  • Holiday money
  • Exchanging your bicycle allowance

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