Sustainable business with government support

January 8, 2024
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Sustainable business with state aid | o2o Bicycle LeasingDid you know that as a company you can reap generous green rewards when you invest in sustainable mobility? That's because it makes you eligible for various subsidies and support measures. And this can really add up for those who are inclined to invest in sustainable business! From tax deductible bicycle infrastructure such as bicycle sheds and shower rooms to budget-neutral bicycle leasing and company bikes for your employees: loads of possibilities!

Increased tax deduction of 120% for those who promote cycling

Does your company want to engage in more sustainable business? A smart move would be to invest in sustainable mobility by, for instance, promoting cycling for the daily home-to-work commute. Do you want to make cycling more appealing? Then a good bicycle infrastructure is the basis for success.

‘What's that going to cost me?’ Less than you think! Because as an independent entrepreneur you will enjoy an increased tax deduction of no less than 120% for all the costs you incur to promote cycling as a mode of transport for your employees’ daily commute. But exactly which costs are we talking about?

  • All investments in a bicycle infrastructure such as a (covered or closed) bicycle shed and a changing or shower facility.
  • As well as the costs related to the purchase and maintenance of the company bikes that you place at the disposal of your employees.

So, it's time to transform that boring car park into an attractive (covered) bicycle shed where your cycling colleagues can easily recharge their e-bikes at a charging station. Want to bet that more and more employees will get on their bikes?

Would you like to find out more about this interesting measure? Be sure to check out the information on the VLAIO website about tax deductions for the costs of transport/movement of staff.

Curious about how you can give the cycling culture at your company an additional boost? You will read everything about it in our blog ‘4 tips to create a cycling culture within your company’.

Bicycle allowance: a bonus for you and your employees

Want to reward your employees for their sustainable mobility efforts and thereby stimulate them to commute by bicycle more often? You do it with the bicycle allowance! This allowance is exempt from taxes and social security contributions (RSZ/ONSS) to a maximum of 0.27 euro/kilometre (tariff valid from January 2023). In 2025, this amount will even increase to 0.35 euro/kilometre! This will lower the operating profit and the corporate tax applied thereto. Such a bicycle allowance isn't just advantageous for your employees, but also offers financial advantages to your business: a win-win situation for everyone!

Do you want to know more about the bicycle allowance? Then make sure to read our blog ‘All you need to know about the bicycle allowance’.

Sustainable business with bicycle leasing: budget neutral and sustainable

There are no support measures in place for bicycle leasing, but there need not be any! Because bicycle leasing is completely budget neutral. It doesn't cost you, as an entrepreneur, a single penny. Which is why it's the perfect way to engage in wage optimisation and at the same time push up your sustainability score. Even better: it is also an additional asset in your employer branding, and it increases your employee retention and satisfaction.

Sounds rather interesting, right? Would you like to know more about bicycle leasing? Make sure to check out our whitepaper!

Test sustainable means of transport via provincial initiatives

Per province, there are also a number of interesting initiatives allowing you to try out sustainable means of transport for a short period of time. In East and West Flanders, for instance, there is the Testkaravaan (Test Caravan). Flemish Brabant offers the Fietstest (Bike Test)  and Antwerp has similar projects with the Pendelproeverij (Shuttle Sampling)  and Smart ways to Antwerp.

Quite a few great initiatives to try out various types of bikes. As such, your employees are guaranteed to find the type of bicycle that is just right for them.

By the way, did you know that o2o organises free test events for customers? All you need do is pick a date and we'll take care of the rest! At our test events, your employees not only get to try out bicycles, they will also have the opportunity to seek advice from our bike experts!

Want to know more about our test events? You will find all the information on our test event page!

Would you like to know everything about sustainable business with government support?

Can't seem to get enough of all these support measures and want to know everything about them? Make sure to check out the VLAIO website with an interesting overview of sustainable company mobility.