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The six biggest advantages of cycling to work

September 13, 2021
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1. Cycling is healthy

We all know that cycling is good for you. Whether you choose a trendy racing bike or a practical cargo bike, cycling helps to keep you in shape. Regularly jumping on that bike will not only give you rock-solid buttocks, it will also improve your sleep pattern. And the good news: anyone can ride a bike. You learn from an early age by falling, getting up and going again... And, last but not least: did you know that cycling is also an ideal form of exercise? It is not stressful for your joints, keeps your body flexible and improves your immunity. So hop on that bike - and pedal yourself to a healthier lifestyle!

2. It’s a boost for your mental health

Jumping on your bike provides a sense of freedom: all those beautiful places to discover, leaving whenever you want and smiling quietly as you pass that endless traffic jam. Instant happiness guaranteed! And even better, cycling produces endorphins and serotonin: natural antidepressants with no side effects. The Romans have said it already: a healthy mind in a healthy body. Get those legs working, because your brain will thank you!

3. Increased productivity

Cycling reduces stress. You are probably familiar with that hectic morning rush: getting the kids ready, loading the dishwasher, feeding the cat and having a quick cup of coffee yourself. Then you jump in your car and find yourself in a traffic jam after a few minutes. You arrive at the office completely out of sorts, and then your working day and the peak of your productivity have yet to begin!

Get a breath of fresh air into your morning routine and get that bike out. A good workout on your bicycle will make you forget all your worries. With every kilometre you conquer, you'll experience less stress and more positive energy. You'll arrive at your workplace feeling completely zen, bursting with creativity and productivity...

4. Your wallet will thank you

Rising fuel prices, insurances, maintenance, the payment of the car... Everyone agrees that a car requires a substantial monthly budget. But that trusted bicycle? All that needs is some air in the tyres and some love and attention. And do you work out in your spare time? Good news! As a cyclist, you no longer need an expensive gym membership to keep in shape: regular cycling to and from work will do the job just as well. On top of that, you often get a bicycle allowance or a bike lease contract from your employer. In the long run, you will even earn back the cost of your bicycle. Win-win, as they sometimes call it...

5. Easy and fun

Have you ever thought about how easy your life gets when you get on that bike? No? Well, we are happy to sum it up for you. First of all, you always find a parking space. Secondly, in many cases - especially in a city - you arrive at your destination faster than by car.

"And what about bad weather? Well, even this shouldn't be an excuse not to jump on that bicycle (we live in Belgium, after all... you surely are used to our weather by now). Buy yourself some fancy waterproof clothing and mudguards and take advantage of that rain to perfect your cycling technique on a wet surface. Or ride through the puddles and mud and experience feeling like a child again. Fun and laughter guaranteed!

6. Our planet loves it

Every cyclist contributes personally to a more sustainable world. Not surprising really: frequent cycling ensures less exhaust fumes, cleaner air and hereby a better environment. Next to this, a bicycle consists of fewer parts than a car, which makes it cheaper to produce and maintain. Besides, you can find an increasing number of great second-hand bikes - and also the recycling of bicycle parts is on the rise. So reduce your waste and opt for a bike more often. There is no plan B for Mother Earth...

And that's not all! By regularly jumping on your bike, you can enjoy so much more benefits... How about riding your bicycle together with your colleagues, listening to your favourite podcasts or music, or taking your energetic children with you and letting yourself be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the Flemish landscape? Plenty of fun perks! Complete the list yourself...