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Digital bicycle leasing with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme

May 22, 2024
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Are you offering flexible income plans through SD Worx? If so, we have good news for you: our plugin integrates with the SD Worx FIP Cafetaria scheme to handle everything for you! If you think this sounds good, read on to learn about the full benefits of the plugin.

Three advantages of our SD Worx plugin

We want to get each member of your workforce onto the perfect bicycle for them, without causing extra work for your HR team. Our goal is to make life easier for everyone!

A smooth ride with automated emails

All emails go out to the employer or employees completely automatically – and therefore instantly, too.

Employees simulate their lease price based on the available budget

Your employee can simulate the price of the lease bicycle for the available budget (no limit to the possibilities…) and then order the machine from their chosen bicycle dealer. If the dealer isn’t an o2o partner already, we’ll send them a message inviting them to become a member of our network. The more the merrier!

Automatic entry in the Cafetaria scheme

Integrating o2o bicycle leasing doesn't create any administrative headaches for your HR team. The bicycle order is submitted by the employee and o2o’s confirmation is entered in the Cafetaria scheme automatically. All HR has to do to complete the lease is simply check over the order and update the payroll. We handle everything else!

“Thanks to complete integration between o2o and the Flex Income PlanTM, the bicycles that our clients offer through their Cafetaria schemes are ordered automatically with no extra admin work for HR. Our clients value this service from o2o very highly.”- Sofie Mussche, Senior Consultant Flex Income Plan at SD Worx.

Curious about what bicycle leasing will cost you as an employer? Then be sure to read our blog: ‘What are the costs of bike leasing for organisations’.

An absolute minimum of administration

Sounds interesting, doesn't it, A bicycle leasing partner integrated with your cafetaria scheme? What if we told you about the other ways in which you can keep your administration to an absolute minimum when you choose o2o Bicycle Leasing. How about:

  • In-house tools to automate and digitise administration;
  • Personalised support from our experts;
  • Bespoke bicycle policy;
  • Annex to the labour agreement;
  • Drawing up salary exchange calculations.
“Our employees can order their bicycles any time of day or night – the process is available on an ongoing basis. It’s very simple and fully automated. At the same time, they get the benefit of tailored advice from the large network of o2o partners, who handle most of the programming tasks associated with the bicycle order themselves” – Rosalie Przegralek, Expert Compensation & Benefits at HR Rail.
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