Bicycle leasing: How does it work for employees?

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What is bicycle leasing?

Bicycle leasing is among the most popular fringe benefits among employees, but what exactly does it involve? With bicycle leasing, your employer makes a bicycle available to you for a period of three or four years. During this lease period, you pay a certain lease price every month or every year as an employee. At the end of the journey, you can return the bicycle and lease a brand-new one, or buy the bicycle at a pre-determined residual value.

The many benefits of bicycle leasing

Tax benefit

Bicycle leasing takes place mainly through gross salary sacrifice or exchanging your end-of-year bonus. This makes your lease bicycle up to 40% cheaper than a bicycle you buy yourself. Moreover, you also get all the accessories and services with the same discount! And with the tax-free bicycle allowance, you earn back (part of) your lease price. Interesting, right?

All-in leasing package

With o2o, you get your bicycle along with everything you need to get on the road worry-free. From breakdown assistance and an extended warranty to a maintenance budget and cover against damage and theft. You choose, and we'll make it happen! Is your bicycle unavailable for a while? No problem: leap on the saddle of a replacement bicycle and just carry on riding.

More sustainable mobility

Commuting by bicycle instead of by car? That means you're saving a great deal of CO2. Because with an electric bicycle, you only emit 3 grams of CO2 per kilometre. For an electric car, this is on average 54 grams. This is how you can make your contribution to a greener planet, while avoiding traffic jams 😉.

Good for body & mind

It's proven: cycling reduces stress thanks to the anti-stress hormones created when riding your bicycle. And hey, if you're riding a bicycle, you don't need to delve into the busy traffic and suffer through logjams. Furthermore, you're getting your daily dose of exercise, keeping you fit and healthy.

Why does bicycle leasing offer tax benefits?

Is it interesting to lease a bike through your employer? Certainly! Leasing a bicycle is often up to 40% cheaper than buying one yourself. Moreover, you get that same tax benefit for all the services and accessories.

Cool, eh? But how come bicycle leasing is so beneficial for tax? This is because bicycle leasing usually takes place via gross salary sacrifice or exchange of your end-of-year bonus, bonuses or holiday days. This reduces your gross wage, so you pay less in tax, social security and employer contributions. Moreover, your lease bicycle is exempt from Benefit in Kind (BiK).

And at the end of your lease term? Then you can return your bicycle to o2o Bicycle Leasing for free and lease a brand-new one. Or you can take over the bicycle for a predetermined amount.

How do I start leasing?

Put your own lease package together

Cover against damage

Unexpected material damage to your bicycle after a fall or accident? Or has your bicycle been a victim of vandalism? With the included warranty against damage, your bicycle is covered. That means you don't have to worry about any damage, and you can quickly get back on the road worry-free!

Choose your own accessories

From a great helmet or handy bicycle bag to a decent lock or a mobile phone holder: bicycle accessories are also up to 40% cheaper through your leasing contract. That will put you safely and well-equipped on the road with your brand-new bicycle and the accessories that you choose entirely for yourself.

Maintenance budget

With our maintenance budget, you can pay for your bicycle maintenance and repairs at the same tax rate as your lease bicycle. By the way, it is entirely up to you what amount you reserve for this. Moreover, you can pay for replacement parts such as spare tyres or a mudguard with your maintenance budget too. Handy, right?

Breakdown assistance

A flat tyre, broken chain or another bicycle problem: if you break down on the way, you ideally want a solution as soon as possible. If you include breakdown assistance in your leasing package, both you and your bicycle will be covered for any breakdowns 24/7 all across the Benelux. That means you don't need to walk if you can't cycle anymore!

Replacement bicycle

Has your bicycle been unavailable through damage or theft for three days or longer? Then through us, you have the certainty of access to a replacement bicycle via Decathlon or your local bicycle dealer under your lease bicycle's damage and theft cover. Furthermore, you can choose from a range of bicycle types: from a cargo bicycle, racing bike or speed pedelec to an electric bicycle.

Extended warranty

A defect with your electric bicycle or speed pedelec? Through the extended warranty, you can enjoy a warranty on your bicycle until the end of your rental contract. That way, you can count on comprehensive protection from repair costs for spare parts and labour costs in the event of a warranty claim.

Cover against theft

Was your bicycle stolen, even though it was properly secured with the right lock? That's not nice! To give you as much peace of mind as possible, your bicycle is covered against theft anyway. That means you won't be alone if your steel steed gets stolen and you can feel more comfortable in leaving your bicycle behind.


A question? You're probably not the only one! You might find the answer below among the frequently asked questions.

Is cycling clothing among the accessories I can lease too?

Unfortunately, cycling clothing is not among the accessories you can lease with a tax benefit. What accessories can you lease with a tax benefit too? Bicycle bells, reflectors, pumps, lights, repair kits, bicycle bags, bicycle helmets and hi-viz jackets.

Want to find out more? Our Help center provides further explanation.

Am I required to lease a lock?

You are required to lease an approved lock along with your bicycle. It’s harder for your bicycle to be stolen with an approved lock. So you can sleep easy, as long as you always properly secure your bicycle. The following locks are approved:

  • Lock with ART2 approval, type U
  • Lock with a Security Level 10 certificate
  • Lock of type Hiplok DXC, approval level Sold Secure Diamond
Can I lease a bicycle through o2o Bicycle Leasing?

You can lease a bicycle through o2o Bicycle Leasing if your employer has signed up with us. Do be sure to check with your employer or HR manager as to whether this is the case. Is it not? Then refer them to our website, or provide them with our persuasion package. Who knows? You might soon be able to lease a bicycle through o2o.

How do I determine my maintenance budget?

The amount of maintenance budget you need depends on the type of bicycle you lease, how much cycling you do and how much maintenance you can carry out yourself. How to choose the right maintenance budget based on those factors is something we explain in detail in our blog ‘Maintenance costs for my lease bike: how much can I expect to pay?’.

Am I required to include all the services in my lease package?

You are certainly not obliged to include all the services in your lease package. With o2o Bicycle Leasing, there are only two services mandatory to include: the cover against damage and the cover against theft. Beyond that, you are entirely free to choose for yourself what you add to your lease package and what you don't.

Will bicycle leasing affect my holiday money or pension?

The effect that bicycle leasing has on your pension, end-of-year bonus or holiday money is practically negligible. Our experts explain all about it in this blog: ‘What are the effects of bicycle leasing on your pension and other social benefits’?

What should I do if the brand I want to lease is only distributed online and not through a bicycle dealer?

Some brands are only distributed online. Of course, you can lease some of those brands through o2o Bicycle Leasing too. Want to know if the online brand you like is available through o2o? Do not hesitate to contact us. It is also important to note that the ordering process for online brands differs from the classical ordering process. More information on the ordering process for an online brand can be found here.

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