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Bicycle leasing: a fierce weapon in the ‘war on talent’

It’s probably no big surprise if we claim that today, talent can choose between a wide variety of jobs. The large number of vacancies continues to increase noticeably, which means that, as an organisation, you have to think about new ways to become the most attractive employer out there. 

Or, in other words: how do you arm yourself in that fierce ‘war on talent’? Well, it all starts with an interesting salary package – and the nice benefits that go along with it. We’re gonna tell you why bicycle leasing is a strong weapon in the war on talent.

(Just) money can’t buy happiness 

Of course, a competitive salary is important to get your foot in the door. But what about making a real difference as a company? Well, that’s what attractive and unique fringe benefits are for. And in addition to meal vouchers and group insurance, bicycle leasing is high on that list of coveted fringe benefits! After all, as an employee, you get ‘more’ out of your pay thanks to the tax benefits of bicycle leasing. 

This way, bicycle leasing doesn’t only it ensure that your employees come to work happier and healthier, but you also create a three- or four-year commitment between them and your company. Or, in other words… offering bicycle leasing as part of your salary package gives you a smart weapon to attract, recruit and retain talent.

Place your bets on a good work-life balance

Today’s generation of workers is more than ever looking for flexibility and wellbeing: where fifty years ago making a career was the number one goal, today’s view is much more nuanced. Of course we still want to be successful in our jobs, but we are not willing to do this at the expense of our health and social lives. Or, in other words: we are looking for a good work-life balance. By offering a salary package with a flexible schedule – and supplementing this with a range of fringe benefits such as bicycle leasing, you are catering to this need.

Moreover, it has been proven that regular cycling provides a boost to mental wellbeing, in addition to all the physical benefits that come with it. Thus, the offered bicycle leasing creates fit and healthy employees, who are often more productive as a result. You see: offering bicycle leasing only comes with benefits, both for the employee and the employer. 

Your company’s image was never more important 

Today’s talents are not only looking for a job that suits them, but also for an organisation that matches their personal values. People want to work in a company they can be proud of – and in which they feel they are making a difference. So you want to make sure that your company’s image is in perfect shape. 

Working on your sustainability and ecological impact is an important first step. By offering bicycle leasing and moving away from a fleet of solely company cars, you make a good statement in terms of sustainability. 

Want to know more about the advantages of bicycle leasing?

Then be sure to make an appointment with o2o. We’ll tell you more about all the great things you can gain from a partnership, how it will impact your operations and image as a company – and how it will ensure that your employees have a better connection with your organisation. See you soon? 

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