How to become an ‘Employer of choice’?

November 29, 2022
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1. How to become an Employer of choice: image vs. identity

To become an attractive employer, you need a strong employer branding. Your employer image and identity are decisive in attracting future employees.

It is important to fully understand this before you start. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

  • An employer image is the perception of an organisation that exists among internal or external people. It is an image made up of feelings, impressions and opinions. These are easily influenced, and therefore the image is changeable.
  • An employer identity is who you really are as an organisation. It includes financial policy, corporate culture, vision of talent development, etc. It is quite fixed. It may change now and then, but the fundamentals should always remain the same.

Profiling as an employer requires that your image and identity are aligned as much as possible. That is where your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) comes in, the image or positioning you strive for as an employer: "This is who I am as an employer, what we stand for and how we distinguish ourselves."

Always make sure your EVP is authentic and distinctive. Don't go shouting the same things from the rooftops everyone else is shouting, but look for what makes you unique compared to others.

2. Employer of choice made practical: what makes an employer attractive?

Once you have determined your unique EVP, it is time to put your words into action. To become an Employer of choice, you can do several things: from creating a pleasant working environment to focusing on your fun factor. We are happy to list the most important things for you.

2.1 Pay attention to mental well-being

Mental well-being is - thankfully - getting more and more attention, even at work. Things like mindfulness, yoga and self-care are not just a hype, but a necessity to counter burnout. Employees today dig in their heels and attach importance to a healthy work-life balance.

Employers are therefore expected to bet on the mental well-being of their staff. Besides work-life balance, this also includes respect and appreciation in general from employer to employee. So schedule regular feedback moments, give sufficient recognition to colleagues who show high commitment and create an open feedback culture. Appointing a confidential contact per department can be a good idea. Further, also commit to the talent development of each employee to make sure everyone can excel in their role. Because you will see: if your employees feel you are investing in them, they will remain motivated to commit to your organisation on a daily basis.

2.2 No healthy mind without a healthy body

Physical well-being also deserves adequate attention. Everything starts with an ergonomic office, from the right office chair to adjustable tables. But office ergonomics is more than that: it also includes the right lighting, the feeling of space, tranquillity and greenery in the office. Plants, for example, purify the air and contribute to a better atmosphere in the office, quiet areas in turn provide a moment of relaxation throughout the - usually fully planned - working day, etc.

Besides the ergonomic aspect, there are other ways to focus on the physical well-being of your employees. Bicycle leasing can play an important role in this. Did you know that employees who cycle to work every day have on average less drop-out due to illness? Cycling clears your head, keeps you fit and ensures that you start the working day relaxed. More and more people are therefore leaving the car aside. They see the benefits of cycling to work, especially thanks to the boom of e-bikes and speed pedelecs. So offering bicycle leasing makes you a lot more attractive as an employer, and it is a boost for the physical well-being of your staff. Goodbye traffic jams!


How to become an 'Employer of choice': bicycle leasing as an extra asset

2.3 Offer a range of benefits

As an employer, you can clearly distinguish yourself from others by the benefits you offer on top of the salary package. Because no matter how you look at it, these extra (financial) benefits are often necessary to win someone over in a job choice.

  • These could be tax benefits such as a bicycle allowance, meal vouchers or a home office allowance. Did you know that bicycle leasing can also count as a tax benefit? Via a gross salary swap, a lease bike for your employees can be up to 40% cheaper than a private purchase. This way, that expensive speed pedelec comes back on the radar, and you will also create a sustainable mobility for your company.
  • But these benefits also include other perks such as fitness at work, regular team buildings or even extra holidays. Above all, try to think out of the box here and don't stick to the standard options - which everyone expects anyway - but be original. How about yoga in the lunch break, allowing dogs in the office or a permanent cook who provides a healthy lunch? With fun initiatives, you will attract a lot of employees.

Last but not least, general flexibility from the employer is highly appreciated these days. Enable remote working, let your staff arrange their working hours freely and give them freedom within their tasks. You’ll see: flexibility pays off. The more trust you give your staff, the more motivated they are.

2.4 Invest in your 'fun factor'

People attach high importance to their work and they want to feel completely comfortable there. You end up spending more time at the office than at home, and that is why a fun work environment is decisive for overall job happiness. But how do you add that 'fun factor' to your company? We are happy to give you some tips:

  • Provide a nice office, which also pays attention to relaxation. Many companies have a recreation room or sports hall, for example. You can go very far in this, but even a cosy seating area, a good coffee machine and plenty of greenery in the office can create a pleasant working environment.
  • The atmosphere between colleagues is hugely important for office fun. To stimulate this, you can regularly organise team activities, provide joint lunches or breakfast at the office, plan sports challenges or cultural trips, etc. Above all, let your employees take the initiative and collect their ideas for team activities. That way, they feel involved and you do things that they themselves particularly like.
How to become an 'Employer of choice': fun factor at the office

2.5 Live your own EVP

Committing to overall job happiness is a must to become an attractive employer. But what employees also expect is credible and authentic leadership from within the company. So live your own EVP to remain genuine. That way, you will be an inspiration to your staff and build trust and appreciation, which is exactly what you need to become the preferred Employer of choice.


Interested in bicycle leasing for your company?

Do you also see bicycle leasing as an asset to become a (more) attractive employer? As a nice extra - both financially and personally - for your staff? Contact us and together we will take a look at how to successfully integrate bicycle leasing into your organisation!


Interested in bicycle leasing for your company?

Do you also see bicycle leasing as an asset in becoming an attractive (er) employer? As a nice bonus - both financially and personally - for your staff? Then contact us and together we'll see how we can successfully integrate bicycle leasing into your organization!

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