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How to increase the happiness of your employees?

There are few things as important to an organisation as housing happy employees. Not surprisingly so: people who feel good and comfortable in their work environment will perform better. After all, a free and relaxed head has so much more room for creativity, which you as manager will notice in the results. But how do you make sure that your employees are happy and remain that way? We give you a few tips to make sure your employees feel appreciated and valued. Here we go!

#1 Take their personality into account

No two people are alike, and the same goes for your employees. Some people are happy with more freedom, while others are best motivated by more perks on that salary note. Therefore, make sure that you are familiar with the people in your team and that you know what they are looking for in a job. Question them thoroughly and draw up a personalised salary package based on the results. Bicycle leasing with bicycle allowance or more net at the end of the ride? Give them the choice.

#2 Give them what they need

Think carefully about the things your employees need in order to properly execute their day-to-day jobs. Do they have the infrastructure they need? The latest version of the software they need to start up every day? Ergonomic office furniture so they can complete their tasks at ease? Once again, the message is: you can’t know if you don’t ask them. Send out a quick anonymous survey to ask them what they need – and act on it. You will see: when they feel heard, they will come to work more eagerly and perform better! 

#3 Giving trust is getting trust

It is proven that people perform better in the workplace when they feel that they are trusted. Not surprisingly so: they contribute to your organisation 8 hours a day and want to feel appreciated for their hard work. Therefore, look for ways to show your trust. Give them independent projects, introduce a flexible policy for teleworking or allow them to use company property (a laptop, mobile phone or a leased bicycle) in their free time.

#4 Involve your colleagues in decision-making

When you work hard for the organisation where you are employed, you want to know where said company is going. Therefore, make sure you don’t leave your employees in the dark about their future plans, mission and vision. Even better: try to involve them in certain decisions made by the management and ask them for their input or ideas. You will be amazed at how your employees can bring a breath of fresh air into the organisation! This could be about a well-defined annual strategy and KPIs to be achieved, but also about ways to enhance well-being and happiness within the team. Ask them questions, involve them in decisions – and you will see their connection with the organisation increase dramatically. 

#5 Celebrate your successes

Getting a raise or a bonus as a reward for high performance, that’s one thing. But it is also something quite obvious and doesn’t make you unique as an employer. Therefore, start looking for alternative ways to celebrate successes in the workplace. Has a project been completed successfully? Then organise a fun drink on Friday afternoon, take your team on a relaxing team building or give them an extra day off. Small gestures like these have a huge impact when it comes to happiness at work, and they also strengthen the bond between colleagues and management. Win-win! 

#6 Stimulate creativity and self-development

When people get bored, their motivation drops accordingly. That’s not surprising. Therefore, make sure that you offer sufficient challenges in the workplace, both work-related and team-related. For example, you can give them the opportunity to look for courses in their personal field of interest or ask them to sign up as a leader for a particular project. Or maybe you can find volunteers to set up some fun team buildings or side projects? Give them a budget to go out together on a sunny Friday, or suggest setting up a cycling team to explore the roads on the weekends! And then, per x number of kilometres cycled, you as an employer can provide a nice ‘reward’.

#7 Think about nice fringe benefits

Finally, we must also talk about the power of fringe benefits. These are the factors that often ensure that you attract and retain talent. Because who isn’t hooked on meal vouchers, holiday allowance, a thirteenth month, eco vouchers or a mobile phone subscription? These are things that are almost taken for granted nowadays. That is why, as an employer, it is interesting to look at other extra-legal benefits, which give you, as a workplace, that extra edge. Think of a Netflix or Spotify subscription, a company physiotherapist, budget for studies, more leave days than is the standard or… bicycle leasing with mileage compensation, of course! 


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