Road bike

Roll smoothly over paved surfaces with your very own road bike. These bikes are light, fast and agile. Ride more efficiently in a sporty riding position, turning your commute into a workout all of its own. A win-win, if you ask us! A challenging bike ride at the weekend? Lease a road bike and see if you can beat your best time!

Glide smoothly over paved surfaces

Road bikes are fast, light and agile. The bike's sportier geometry allows you to ride more efficiently, perfect for those sporty weekend outings. You can also use your road bike for your daily commute. Naturally, this means you have to find a way to carry your gear on your road bike. Looking for a more comfortable, relaxing ride? Then be sure to go for an endurance model with a slightly less aggressive riding position.

Ideal for climbing and reaching elevation

Fancy riding through beautiful mountain landscapes? Or perhaps you’d rather explore the Ardennes plateaux? Then opting for an electric road bike is a real no-brainer, as these bikes give you all the help you need to climb up those steep gradients.

Electric or non-electric?

Road bike without pedal assistance

A road bike without assistance is even lighter, faster and very agile. These bikes are ideal for speedy commutes and challenging weekend rides. Without pedal assist, become a true Flandrien and conquer those leg-sapping climbs, cobbled sections and fierce headwinds through the wide-open flats – and all under your own steam! Want to get maximum speed out of your road bike? Then opt for a lightweight carbon or aero model and take on that next epic ride or event – whether solo, with or against others!

Elektric road bike

These road bikes also offer electric pedal assist up to 25 km/h. While some roadies may disagree with using this, for others, it is an ideal solution. Having trouble keeping up with your cycling buddies? Or are you finding those infamous Belgian climbs a little hard going? Do you often find yourself travelling in search of new mountains to conquer? If you answered yes to all these, then the electric road bike is the ideal choice, giving you that extra bit of power when your legs have nothing left in the tank. Often find yourself covering long distances? Then be sure to go for a battery with enough range.

Ideal for sporty rides
Can go really fast
There are very light models
Seating position less suitable for longer daily commutes
Little luggage space on the bicycle
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