Cargo bicyle

Need to transport your kids, animals, plants or groceries? Then look no further than the cargo bike! Are we thinking a traditional cargo bike or a longtail? Up to you to choose which one suits you best. One thing is certain: these sturdy bikes can take one hell of a beating!

The cargo bike: a two- or three-wheeler with a box in front of the handlebars

The two-wheeler with a box in front of the handlebars is relatively narrow in width, allowing you to smoothly weave through traffic. You do sacrifice a bit of stability, something you don't have with three-wheel variants. While these do stay up independently, they are often wider, making them a lot more cumbersome when it comes to filtering through traffic.

The longtail cargo bike: complete with extra-long frame

This type of cargo bike has an extra-long frame, giving you plenty of room for extra panniers and (usually two) child seats. If you opt for a longtail with smaller wheels, the overall length is often not much more than that of a standard bike. As a result, it doesn’t require as much space to park up as you might think!

Electric or non-electric?

Cargo bike without pedal assistance

While electric bikes are slowly becoming the norm, there are still cyclists out there who prefer to ride without any form of pedal assist. More often than not, such cargo bikes are cheaper, less cumbersome and help you keep fit. So lots of advantages! That being said, riding without pedal assist on a fully loaded cargo bike can be quite challenging. Planning to ride mostly shorter distances on your cargo bike? Don't have a big budget? Or will you be mostly carrying lighter loads? Then a non-electric cargo bike might be just what you're looking for!

Elektric cargo bike

Thanks to electric pedal assist, you can avoid turning your morning commute or trip to the shops into an intense work-out. Electric cargo bikes are also a worthy alternative to cars due to their high level of comfort. Bet your kids have never enjoyed the ride to school so much? Depending on your average travel distance, you can choose between a higher and lower battery capacity. Want to go a bit faster and cover greater distances? With a speed pedelec cargo bike, this becomes a piece of cake!

Plenty of space for kids, animals and shopping
Very sturdy
Takes up a lot of space
Longer turning radius (turning is less smooth)
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