Folding bicyle

A folding bike is super handy for commuters and small living spaces. You can easily take it with you in the train, car, or on holiday. Without electric assistance it is nice and light, with electric assistance it is a bit heavier, but you won't break a sweat.

Compact bicycle

Folding bikes are designed to fold away easily to a more compact size. This makes them ideal bikes for those commuting frequently or living in a small flat. You can take a folding bike on the train, in the car, in the lift or up the stairs with ease. Note that not all folding bikes fold quite as compact as others. So make sure you are well informed and able to test your bike thoroughly before signing your leasecontract. That way, when taking public transport, you won't be met with any unexpected, unwanted surprises!

Great for holidays

Taking a bicycle on holiday can sometimes be a hassle, whether it's installing bike racks or putting large bicycles on the campervan. Folding bikes, on the other hand, are easy to stow in your boot or somewhere inside your motorhome. They take up next to no space, leaving you plenty of room for extra clothes, sports gear or other holiday essentials.

Electric or non-electric?

Folding bike without pedal assistance

The variant without pedal assist is a lot lighter than its electric counterpart, making this folding bike ideal for commuters who only need to travel a short distance between the station and the office. While it will be easier to lug around, you will still need to invest all of that saved energy into pedalling yourself. As a result, rushing for that train or braving a strong headwind becomes just that little bit more challenging.

Elektric folding bike

Can't hurt a few extra kilos? Then an electric folding bike is a good choice, especially for those who do have to cycle a while from the station to work. And hey, with such an electric folding bike, you'll arrive at work those dreaded pit stains.

Easy to fold
Quite light
Practical to carry and store
Little luggage space on the bicycle
Small wheels: less comfort
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