Hop on that dream bike

and just start pedaling

Whether you like a handy cargo bike, fast speed pedelec or a flashy racing bike, cycling gives you an ultimate feeling of freedom! And it is exactly that freedom that we extend to our offer. In addition, our digital tools guide you step by step in the search for that ultimate dream item and you benefit from a number of advantages. So you can fully enjoy that relaxing ride to work or that scenic drive with friends and family during the weekend.

Get your calves massaged right away!

Do you, as an employee, want to lease a bicycle through your employer?

only advantages at o2o

1. Your dream bike

What do you prefer: are you going for a reliable electric city bicycle, a spacious cargo bike or a fast speed pedelec? Or do you prefer a mountain bike, a racing bicycle or folding bike that comes in handy during the weekend? The choice is yours!

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2. Bicycle dealer of your choice

With o2o you can lease from any bicycle dealer you like. With over 1.000 partners in Belgium, there's a good chance your favourite bicycleshop already works with us. And if not? Then we will take care of it!

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3. 40% less expensive

Lease a bicycle through your employer? Then your bike will cost you in the end on average 40% less than if you bought it yourself. Even better: not only do you save on average 40% on your bicycle, you also get the same tax advantage on accessories and insurances.

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4. Carefree pedaling

You want to trust that your new bicycle will take you wherever you need to be. We can understand that. That is why we have a number of special bicycle insurance policies for you, such as our theft insurance and breakdown assistance, while you also enjoy the tax advantage.

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5. No unexpected costs

With o2o bicycle leasing we provide a budget for maintenance. As a result, you do not have to pay anything at the bicycle dealer and we will arrange this directly with your bicycle repair shop.

6. No high purchase price

With bicycle leasing you don't pay a high one-time purchase cost, but you pay for your dream bike through a spread payment. And in the meantime you enjoy the tax advantage.

How much does a lease bicycle cost me, as an employee?

not so much, if you ask us

Vrouwen fietsen

Cycling, good for you and the planet

and the benefits just keep on coming

A daily dose of exercise in the fresh air provides an endless list of benefits:

  • You boost your mental and physical health (less stress, more self-confidence and improved immunity).

  • You care for the planet and by cycling, choose for a sustainable alternative.

  • You save time: no more traffic jams! By cycling, you ride to work smoothly and avoid the busy car traffic during rush hour.

  • You move freely on your dream bike and have complete control over your departure and arrival time.

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Save on more than just your dream bike

just like sales, but different

1. Save on accessories

Do you need a decent helmet, a practical bicycle bag, a GPS, a compact bicycle trailer or a bicycle lock?

You can also lease these at o2o at the same advantageous conditions. In this way all your options and accessories are on average 40% less expensive than if you would buy it all yourself as a private individual.

2. Save on maintenance and repairs

You pay for maintenance and repairs of your lease bicycle with your o2o service budget. That budget is an annual amount between 50 and 400 euros that you freely choose, depending on what you need. Unless your employer fixes this amount.

And yes, you also enjoy the same tax benefits on this service budget. As a result, your bicycle maintenance and repair are also a lot less expensive than if you would pay for it yourself.

You also don't have to care about paperwork with o2o leasing. Is your bicycle maintenance or repair ready? o2o settles directly with your bicycle mechanic.


Worry-free ride

the road to freedom

You want to trust that your new bicycle will take you wherever you need to be. We can understand that. That is why we have a number of special bicycle insurance policies for you. So you can always count on your steel – or is it aluminum – steed as a loyal ally. The tax advantage also applies to these insurance policies.

  • Your damage insurance (or non-life insurance) pays for the repair of damage to your bicycle in the event of an accident, fall or vandalism.

  • Your theft insurance guarantees a brand new bicycle if yours is stolen.

  • Your breakdown assistance insurance rushes out to help you in the event of a breakdown on the road. 24/24, 7 days a week, throughout the Benelux.

  • Your liability insurance reimburses all physical and material damage of the other party in the event of an accident, even if you are in the wrong.

  • With your warranty insurance you extend the factory warranty until the end of your lease contract.

  • You are also entitled to a replacement bicycle if the repair of your bicycle or the delivery of your new bicycle takes longer than 8 working days. That way you'll never run out of your favourite mode of transport!

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Ready to lease your bicycle from o2o?

smart move

1. Your employer is a customer of o2o

And you already have a company login code?Then create a myo2o Biker account and calculate your exact net lease price.

You did not get a company login code yet? Then ask one from your employer. In the meantime you can already simulate a lease price. So you get an idea about what the monthly cost of your dream bike is going to be and which advantages you are going to benefit from.

Create a myo2o Biker account.

2. Your employer is not a customer of o2o yet

Then you will first have to convince your employer to become a customer of o2o. No problem. We have nicely listed all advantages one after the other in a handy overview. The only thing left to do is to download the document and hand it over to your employer with a big smile on your face.

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