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Cycling is so much more than getting from A to B. It is about the peace and quiet you experience on the road, regardless of traffic, knowing that you have your arrival time completely in your own hands. And about that smile when you realise you've made the right choice that morning, whooshing past that endless traffic jam. So hop on your bike for the daily ride to and from work and let your worries disappear with every mile you conquer. You'll arrive at work feeling more relaxed than ever...

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What is o2o bicycle leasing

happiness on the road

Whether you’re into that roaring racing bike, super sonic speed pedelec or practical cargo bike - with a bicycle at your disposal, you’ll always experience that unique and ultimate feeling of freedom. And we’re extending that freedom to our services. Not surprisingly: everybody wants to ride a bicycle that answers perfectly to their own unique needs. That’s why you can count on our digital tools to guide you in your search towards that dream bike. Ready to rumble?

The advantages

besides that bike

  • No unforeseen costs

  • Fiscal advantage

  • Free choice of bike

  • Carefree on the road

  • Sustainable solution

Discover your dream bike

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List price of the bicycle
You benefit from these extra services:
  • Damage and theft insurance

  • Annual maintenance budget (€ 175, most frequently chosen)

  • Breakdown assistance

  • Optional: liability insurance

  • Optional: additional warranty insurance

Your monthly net contribution*
Private cost for this package
Price via o2o bicycle leasing
Your advantage with o2o bicycle leasing**

* This price is indicative only.

** Ce montant est l'avantage via location de vélos o2o par rapport au même formule achats privés.


How does it work

o2o does the work for you

1. Inform your employer

Can’t wait to hit the road with your shiny lease? Well, then make sure to enthuse your employer to start with o2o bicycle leasing. Or do you already have the opportunity to lease an o2o bicycle at work? Great! Go to step two…

2. Choose your bicycle with our tool

Our digital tool guides you towards your ultimate dream bike:
- Discover your ideal bike with our bicycle guide
- Choose your bike dealer or online brand
- Calculate your exact benefit based on your quote
- Track your order
- Pick up your bike

3. Enjoy the ride

Prepare for some unique biking moments that are filled with joy and peace. Race your colleagues to work or organize a scenic ride with a picnic for you and the kids… as long as you’re enjoying that brand-new bicycle!

4. Make sure it lasts

Did you arrive at your destination? No need to worry: if desired, it’s possible to purchase your trusted bicycle at a bargain price. Want to try out a new one? Even better: extend your lease contract and choose your desired ride. Keep on rolling!

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