Bicycle leasing: the 8 most popular bicycle models in 2023

October 19, 2023
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Bicycle leasing: the 8 most popular bicycle models with o2o Bicycle Leasing

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#1 Stromer ST3 - Speed pedelec

And the prize for the most popular bicycle of the year goes to… the Stromer ST3! This top item remains unassailable in the world of bikes, as it's been the most leased bicycle in the whole o2o fleet by miles for years now. Hardly surprising, as this speed pedelec was specially developed as a mobility solution for commuting. With a maximum range of up to 180 km, this model is ideal for long distances.

The Stromer ST3 is the trendsetter in the speed pedelec market thanks to an adjustable seat position, a powerful rear wheel engine, powerful battery and numerous smart extras. With its elegant design, this stylish bike has already won the Red Dot Design Award and it turns a great many heads during the rush hour. A well-deserved number one if you ask us!


Price for Stromer ST3: from €7,290
Net lease price/month: from €94/month

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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Stromer ST3

Stromer ST3 - Speed pedelec[/caption]

#2 Stromer ST2 – Speed pedelec

This Stromer speed pedelec is also guaranteed to get you some jealous looks on the lane. The ST2 is ideal for rapid journeys when commuting and for daily use. This model also has a powerful rear wheel engine, so you can crack on to 45 kph with just a few pedals.

The ST2 has a belt drive for even more cycling comfort. As to design, it's a match for the ST3: thanks to the integrated components and the stylish colours of ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Dark Grey’, you'll have no problem making a statement on the lane with this speed pedelec.


Price for Stromer ST2: from €4,499
Net lease price/month: from €62/month

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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Stromer ST2

Stromer ST2 - Speed pedelec[/caption]

#3 Riese & Müller Nevo GT vario – Electric city bike

The German brand Riese & Müller has been unmissable on the list of popular bicycle brands for some time now. Due to the advanced equipment and the timeless design in striking colours, the bicycle brand is a real head-turner. The Nevo GT vario focuses on comfort and is equipped with a hub and belt drive, as well as a powerful Bosch mid-engine. Would you like to lease a comfortable e-bike with a low entry? Then this bicycle is what you need.


Price for Riese & Müller GT vario: from €5,289
Net lease price/month: from €71/month

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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Riese & Müller Nevo GT vario

Riese & Müller Nevo GT vario – Electric city bike[/caption]

#4 Stromer ST1 - Speed pedelec

Did we mention earlier that Stromers are popular in the o2o fleet? The ST1 is the model where it all began for the Swiss brand. Since then, the legendary ST1 has been given a thorough update, making it a highly attractive speed pedelec for employees with a more limited lease budget. Stromer's entry-level model not only looks good, but is of high quality too. Plenty of reasons for the ST1 to earn its place in the top 5!


Price for Stromer ST1: from €5,168
Net lease price/month: from €62/month

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Bicycle leasing

Stromer ST1 - Speed pedelec[/caption]

Leasing a Stromer ST1 bicycle? o2o Bicycle Leasing will guide you through it!

Haring past everyone on this affordable speed pedelec from Stromer? o2o can make this bicycle 40% cheaper than a private purchase! On top of your lease bicycle, you'll also get from us:

  • Damage and theft insurance
  • Option for warranty insurance and breakdown assistance
  • Bicycle leasing through your local bicycle dealer
  • Tax-efficient maintenance budget

Is your employer already with o2o Bicycle Leasing? Then create your myo2o Biker account today and order the Stromer ST1. Is your employer not yet with o2o? Forward our persuasion package and convince your employer in no time.

#5 Gazelle Grenoble C8 - Elektrische stadsfiets

This Dutch all-rounder is the ideal combination of comfort and robustness for many people. The battery, cables and noiseless mid-engine are nicely integrated into the bicycle frame. The stable road hold and thick tyres of this Gazelle make for a very safe and comfortable riding experience. And you have to admit, the leather grips and the gel saddle add just that extra little touch of luxury to this model, making you want leap on it straight away!


Price for Gazelle Grenoble C8: from €3,599
Net lease price/month: from €51/month

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Popular bike models

Gazelle Grenoble C8 - Electric city bike[/caption]

#6 Batavus Finez – Electric city bike

The Batavus Finez, with its streamlined design and smart functions, is like the James Bond of city bikes: stylish, efficient and always ready for adventure. Whether you're zooming through the city or peddling calmly past the canal, every journey will be effortless with the Batavus Finez. The light frame makes for an agility that makes every turn a party. Anyone looking for a comfortable e-bike in a nice design, look no further: the Batavus Finez is the perfect candidate!


Price for Batavus Finez: from €1,999
Net lease price/month: from €33/month

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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Batavus Finez

Batavus Finez – Electric city bike[/caption]

#7 Cowboy Cruiser/ Cruiser ST – Electric city bike

The Belgian brand Cowboy has been scaling new heights for a while, including with o2o. The Cowboy Cruiser / Cruiser ST is a recent model and is not called the dream machine for nothing. Ideal for anyone wanting to cruise through the city and arrive anywhere smoothly, safely and quickly. With the built-in lights and automatic gears, you just have one thing left to do… enjoy! The elegant and sleek design is something this e-bike can largely put down to the seamless integration of all the components into the frame. That means lovers of a modern e-bike no longer need to scour the world: the Belgian Cowboy does the job!


Price for Cowboy Cruiser: from €3,290
Net lease price/month: from €49/month

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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Cowboy Cruiser Performance

Cowboy Cruiser Performance - Electric city bike[/caption]

Effortlessly cycling through the city in style? You can lease the Cowboy Cruiser bike through o2o Bicycle Leasing!

Cowboy is an online brand that you can obtain through a limited number of bike shops. But no worries, as with o2o, you have 100% free choice of bicycles and you can also lease online brands such as Cowboy. What are you waiting for? Create your myo2o Biker account today, request your quote from Cowboy and order the Cowboy Cruiser!

Curious about this bicycle's performance? Then be sure to read our Cowboy Cruiser performance bicycle review!

#8 Cube Reaction – Mountain bike

Last but not least… the Cube Reaction is the bicycle that makes you smile as you fly across any route! With its lightweight frame, this mountain bike feels like an extension of yourself, ready to conquer any bump and jump with ease. Moreover, the frame has the efficiency and responsiveness of an XC racer, yet the bicycle still has the versatility of a trail bike. In terms of looks, the Cube Reaction scores highly too: stylish lines and striking colours in a sleek design. In short, this cool mountain bike makes for a beautiful end to the list of the 10 most popular lease bicycles.

Calculating the price of your favourite Cube Reaction model? You can do so quickly and easily with our tool for calculating your lease price!


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Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Cube Reaction

Cube Reaction – Mountain bike[/caption]

Honourable mentions

And as with any self-respecting list, we'll also give a few honourable mentions. As a great many more things are leased than just e-bikes and speed pedelecs. For example, the Ridley Kanzo was the most popular gravel bike in the past year, and the Koga World Traveller was the absolute number 1 in the trekking bikes. The Urban Arrow Family, in turn, takes the crown among electric cargo bikes. And the folding bikes? There it is Bromptom who will walk away with the top prize. So as you can see, there's something for everyone in lease bicycles!

Leasing a bike with o2o Bicycle Leasing is child's play!

Thanks to our 100% free choice of bicycles, any employee can lease their ideal bike with o2o. The only thing you need to do is choose; using our tools, ordering a bicycle is just as simple as online shopping! Leasing a bicycle with o2o? Create a myo2o Biker account today and who knows? You could be cruising around on your new lease bicycle soon. Is your employer not yet with o2o? Send the link to our persuasion package to your HR manager or employer and encourage them to join the o2o fleet.

I was surprised at how simple the ordering process was. It took me more time to pick out the right bicycle brand and model than to order the bicycle itself. Once I'd made a choice, everything went very smoothly. Jozefien – TVH


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