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Links and integrations

o2o Bicycle Leasing's smart digital tools integrate with the interface for a great many providers of flexible reward plans and multi-mobility plans. This is how we keep your administration to an absolute minimum, making the smooth management of your bicycle fleet cheap as chips!

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Flexible Reward Partners

A great many integrations are possible through our flexible reward partners. They can integrate our tools with most cafeteria plans, for example. This simplifies the ordering process and makes your payroll easier too. Alongside links to cafeteria plans, we also offer other integrations, such as SSO and orders through API. With these integrations, you are sure to choose the smoothest route as an HR manager.

Purchasing centres

We make work easier for public authorities too by collaborating with a whole host of purchasing centres. You can easily get started with bicycle leasing through o2o via such a purchasing centre without needing to issue a public contract for it yourself. That’s easy! We work with seven purchasing centres today, and we are continuing to search for new collaborations.

Mobility providers

Multi-mobility providers like ‘Olympus Mobility’ and ‘My mobility budget butler’ ensure that different means of transport are easy to combine. This is for both employers and employees. Both platforms' integrations with o2o Bicycle Leasing make it even easier for you and your employees to combine bicycle leasing with other mobility options.

Other partners

At o2o Bicycle Leasing, we select our partners carefully, so we can offer our customers the best service. For example, we have a good collaboration with our insurance partners Ethias and Van Breda and our breakdown partner VAB.

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