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Bicycle leasing in your cafeteria plan: totally digital and with no worries!

Thanks to the cafeteria plan, employees can make all their own decisions as to how to make their pay more flexible. This allows you as an employer to easily respond to the needs of every employee, raising their satisfaction. Whereas the popularity of cars in the cafeteria plan is dropping, more and more employees are choosing a bicycle. Indeed, the bike is among the top five most chosen supplements to the salary package through the cafeteria plan today!

Would you like to include bicycle leasing as a popular fringe benefit in your cafeteria plan too? That’s super-easy to do! We’ll explain how you do so in this blog.


A cafeteria plan – what is that exactly?

What exactly is a cafeteria plan? The cafeteria plan is a personalised salary package that gives employees the digital ability to make part of their gross salary or end-of-year bonus, among other things, more flexible for a fringe benefit of their choice. As such, they can better align their reward package to their personal needs and lifestyle.  

Fringe benefits often chosen are:

  • Bicycle leasing
  • Pension savings
  • Extra holidays
  • Multimedia
  • Cars

Bicycle leasing is a valuable way to build a better relationship with your employees, it is also a tool to attract new talent and it is a sustainable mobility solution.
                                                                                                                                     Agristo – Brecht Vermeersch

Bicycle leasing: an indispensable benefit in your cafeteria plan

Bicycle leasing is a popular option in the cafeteria plan thanks to the increased focus on sustainability and health. So it’s no wonder it’s among the top five most chosen fringe benefits. Moreover, a lease bike also contributes to your employees’ general satisfaction and involvement, and all this in a tax-friendly way. So it’s a win-win!

o2o ambassadeur Josefien onderweg naar het werk met de leasefiets.

Flexible pay: how does that work?

How does flexible pay work through a cafeteria plan in practice? Many companies call upon a flexible reward provider as an external partner for this. The most well-known ‘flexible reward partners’ or ‘flex partners’ make their expertise available through a cafeteria plan and digitalised payroll processing.

Would you like to offer bicycle leasing through your cafeteria plan too? o2o Bicycle Leasing’s digital platforms are integrated with a great many external flex partners. That makes bicycle leasing in your cafeteria plan a piece of cake!

Curious as to how bicycle leasing through o2o Bicycle Leasing works and what its benefits are? Then be sure to download our white paper!

Bicycle leasing in the cafeteria plan: easy with the digital o2o platform

o2o’s digital platform is already easy to integrate with just about all flexible reward partners today:

Acerta, Agoria, Aon, Attentia, Cipal Schaubroeck, Civadis, Deloitte, Easypay, EY Ernst & Young, Group S, KPMG, Liantis, Partena, Payflip, SD Worx and Securex.

The fact that all the tools are linked to each other means we lose little time and can work very efficiently. So the fear of extra administrative work definitely shouldn’t stop interested companies from getting started with bicycle leasing through o2o.
                                                                                                                                                Agristo – Brecht Vermeersch

Een o2o medewerker geeft uitleg over fietsleasing

Offering bicycle leasing digitally through the cafeteria plan: how does that work?

Offering bicycle leasing digitally through the cafeteria plan sounds logical, handy and really interesting. And it is, too! Making specific tax calculations for every employee does of course take the necessary preparation.

With expert advice from your bicycle leasing partner and the social secretariat, it’s as easy as an e-bike: just plug it in and ride! That’s because the digital o2o platform will be linked to your company’s cafeteria plan for flexible remuneration by your personal o2o account manager.

As a company, you choose for yourself whether (and to what extent) you integrate bicycle leasing digitally. There are several options:

  • You choose to carry out the salary sacrifice internally yourself.
  • We integrate our myo2o Fleet & HR tool so the full administration and accompanying addenda are handled by o2o.
  • Or o2o Bicycle Leasing will provide full integration with your flex reward partner, meaning you can manage everything in the cafeteria plan.

All ready to smoothly kick-start your bike leasing with o2o Bicycle Leasing? Please feel free to contact us! Rather have some more information on bicycle leasing before you leap on the trailer? Then be sure to download our white paper!

More information on our collaboration with your social secretariat you can find in our overview page.


More than 2,000 companies have chosen o2o Bicycle Leasing

More than 2,000 Belgian companies have chosen bike leasing through o2o Bicycle Leasing. Our intuitive tools and the wide-reaching peace of mind from the HR department have already got a great many companies over the line.

Our platform’s tools are in real-time connection with one another and ensure that all parties are perfectly aligned. This allows employees to monitor things as much as possible and leaves barely any work for your salary and payroll processing thanks to the integrations and connectivity.

For OTA, leasing a bike through o2o Bicycle Leasing means very little extra workload thanks to the comprehensive automation. Because with o2o, the tools take the administration out of HR’s hands as far as possible: from request to invoicing, everything runs smoothly.  


Lighthouse – Reno Van Impe

Employees are also wildly enthusiastic about our service provision. The comprehensive choice from more than 500 bicycle brands and our ever-growing network of 1,400 bike dealers are often seen by employees as a major plus. 

Want to find out all about bicycle leasing and its advantages for your HR policy? Download our white paper! Are you interested in starting bike leasing? If so, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help you on a #smartmove!

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