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These are the 10 most popular bikes to lease

Wondering what the most popular lease bike models are at the moment? We listed 10 of the most frequently leased bikes at o2o last year. Whereas in recent years this top 10 also included some racing bike models, 2022 created an exciting battle between electric city bikes and speed pedelecs. Curious about the most popular two-wheelers? Discover them below!

The Top 10 most leased bikes at o2o bicycle leasing

#1 Stromer ST3 – Speed pedelec

And the award for most popular bike of the year goes to… the Stromer ST3! This bestseller remains unbeatable, as it has been by far the best leased bike of the entire o2o fleet for years. That doesn’t come as a surprise, as this speed pedelec was developed especially to be a mobility solution for commuting. With a maximum range of up to 180 km, this model is perfect to cycle long distances.

The Stromer ST3 is a leader in the speed pedelec market thanks to an adjustable seating position, a powerful rear-wheel motor, powerful battery and numerous smart extras. With its elegant design, this stylish two-wheeler has already won the reddot design award and attracts a lot of attention during rush hour. A legitimate number one if you ask us!

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: stromer st3

Stromer ST3 – Speed pedelec.

#2 Cowboy 4/ST4 – Electric city bike

The Cowboy 4/ST4 is the latest model of the Belgian brand and is called the “dream bike” for a reason. All Cowboy models are designed to cruise around town and arrive everywhere quickly, safely and smoothly. With its built-in lights and automatic gearbox, you basically just have to do one thing… enjoy! This e-bike owes its elegant and sleek design to the seamless integration of all components into the frame. So lovers of a modern e-bike no longer have to search the whole world: the Belgian Cowboy does the job!

Cowboy is an online brand and is not available via local bicycle dealers. But no worries if this is your dream bike. At o2o, you are 100% free to choose your bike, so you can also lease online brands like Cowboy.

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Cowboy st4

Cowboy 4/ST4 – Electric city bike

#3 Norta B3040 – Electric city bike

This all-time classic from Belgian brand Norta walks (or cycles) away with the third place. The battery is nicely integrated into the frame and that puts the bike apart in terms of design. Even in terms of technology, this e-bike should not be underestimated, with its powerful Bosch motor, modern belt drive and brake discs. The Norta B3040 is available in several colours and designs, allowing you to completely pimp it according to your own taste. If you are looking for a comfortable e-bike with a nice and simple design, then stop looking: the Norta B3040 is the perfect choice!

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Norta B3040

Norta B3040 – Electric city bike

#4 Stromer ST2 – Speed pedelec

This Stromer speed pedelec also guarantees plenty of jealous glances on the road. The ST2 is ideal for fast commuting and everyday use. This model also has a powerful rear-wheel motor that makes you hit 45 km/h with just a few pedal strokes. The ST2 has a carbon belt drive for even more cycling comfort. In terms of design, it is definitely not inferior to the ST3: thanks to its integrated components and the available colours ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Dark Grey’, this speed pedelec enables you to make a statement on the road.

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease - Stromer st2

Stromer ST2 – Speed pedelec

#5 Stromer ST1 – Speed pedelec

Did we mention that Stromers are popular in the o2o product range? For the Swiss brand, it all started with the ST1 model. Meanwhile, the legendary ST1 received a thorough update, turning it into a very attractive speed pedelec for employees with a more limited leasing budget. Stromer’s entry-level model not only looks good, but also has all the important features a quality speed pedelec needs. So plenty of assets for the ST1 to secure a spot in the top five.

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease - stromer st1

Stromer ST1 – Speed pedelec

#6 Gazelle Grenoble C8 – Electric city bike

For many people, this Dutch all-rounder is the ideal combination of comfort and robustness. The battery, cables and noiseless mid-motor are nicely integrated into the bike frame, making the sleek design eye-catching right away. This Gazelle’s stable handling and thick tyres ensure a really comfortable and safe riding experience. And admit it, the leather grips and gel saddle add that extra touch of luxury to this model, making you feel like jumping on it instantly. 

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Gazelle grenoble c8

Gazelle Grenoble C8 – Electric city bike

#7 Canyon Precede:ON – Electric city bike

With the Precede:ON e-bike, this trendy Canyon brand is also represented in the top 10 most popular bikes at o2o. Canyon is best known among cycling enthusiasts for its beautiful racing and mountain bikes. But as you can see with the Precede:ON, Canyon’s e-bikes also have a design to die for. The sleek design, powerful Bosch engine and handy navigation system let you navigate (or rather parade) around town with ease. Canyon is another online brand you can lease without any hassle at o2o. Say hello to your dream bike!

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Canyon precede:on

Canyon Precede:ON – Electric city bike

#8 Riese & Müller Nevo GT vario – Electric city bike

For some time now, the German brand Riese & Müller has been a fixture on the list of popular bike brands. Sophisticated equipment combined with timeless design in striking colours make the brand into a very attractive one. The Nevo GT vario has a sporty look and is equipped with hub and belt drive, a powerful Bosch mid-motor and an innovative frame. If you want to lease a comfortable e-bike with a sporty look, then this two-wheeler is right for you. 

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Riese and Müller

Riese und Müller Nevo GT vario – Electric city bike

#9 Klever N Rogue 45 – Speed pedelec

In the land of speed pedelecs, the Taiwanese Klever is very popular. Unlike many other speed pedelecs, the battery and motor of Klever models are not hidden in the frame, but rather a prominent part of the design. And that’s what makes these bikes just as unique. With a payload of up to 150 kg and a maximum range of up to 220 km, this speed pedelec rightly earns its place in the top 10 of most popular leased bikes. So have a blast with that Klever!

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: Klever n rogue 45

Klever N Rogue 45 – Speed pedelec

#10 Trek Allant+ 9S – Speed pedelec

Last but not least… the widely known bike brand Trek remains a classic among lease bicycles. This speed pedelec is also known as the “workhorse”, a nickname it owes to its super-powerful Bosch engine and large battery range. In short, the perfect bike for longer commutes or weekend trips. With this fast, comfortable and low-maintenance speed pedelec, we end the list of the 10 most popular bikes to lease on a happy note.

Top 10 most popular bikes to lease: trek allant+ 9s

Trek Allant+ 9S – Speed pedelec

Honourable mention

And as with any self-respecting list, we would also like to share some honourable mentions. Because people are leasing a lot more than just e-bikes and speed pedelecs. Last year, the Ridley Kanzo was the most popular gravel bike and the Trek Domane the absolute number one in racing bikes. The Urban Arrow Family takes the lead among cargo bikes. As you can see, there is something for everyone in the world of bicycle leasing!


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