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Cycling safely with a speed pedelec: check out our tips

When offered the chance of bicycle leasing, an ever-growing number of employees choose a fast electric bike. An ideal choice for those who want to cover a long commute distance! But cycling at high speed naturally requires more safety measurements. Wearing a helmet is obligatory when riding a speed pedelec, but there are other elements too that need to be taken into account that help you increase safety when raging at speeds of up to 45 km/h. o2o lists the most important tips for hitting the road safely with a speed pedelec.

Safety first: a workshop on cycling safety

Using a speed pedelec while commuting can significantly ease the stress on traffic jams. But you are never alone on the road, certainly when you are on your way to or coming back from your work in the morning or evening. Being extra vigilant during commute hours is therefore a must. After all, with a speed pedelec you can easily reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Therefore, it is not always obvious for other people on the road to estimate this speed correctly. By organising a practical workshop or course on cycling safety, you learn to estimate speeds correctly and react to them in time, an added value for both the company and the employees.

Did you know that the driving behaviour of an employee moving around on a speed pedelec is quite similar to that of a motorcyclist? So feel free to invite an employee who comes to work by motorbike when you organise an info moment. Useful tips guaranteed!

Confidently onto the bike path

If you ride a speed pedelec safely, the risk of an accident is low. Distribute these tips to the (fast) cyclists in your organisation:

  1. Slow down well in advance and don’t wait until the last second if you have to brake or stop. Also take into account the changing weather circumstances, as braking on wet or dry surfaces is quite different. As soon as the weather conditions get harsher, you better put on winter tyres. They provide more grip and stability. You can read extra tips for making your bike winterproof and get good advice on bicycle safety during dark days on the blog page.
  2. By anticipating you increase not only your own level of safety, but also the one of the other road users.
  3. Pay attention to your wider environment and always look into the direction you want to go to. You will ride nicer lines and get a better overview. Do exaggerate, after a while it will become a (safer) attitude!
  4. It is not wise to use your brakes in a bend. Brake well in advance, so that you can speed up again when going round the bend. You will stay better in control of the manoeuvres you’re making.
  5. As a road user, make your intentions clear when you are on the way to your work. When you are about to turn, always lift your arm to ask for extra attention for the move you are about to make. Even if you have no intention to turn, increase your safety by keeping eye contact with the car next to you, for example by means of a mirror or a car window. If you cannot make eye contact, then slow down to avoid a possible accident.
  6. Keep not only yourself, but also your bicycle in top condition: for cycling safety, it is essential to maintain your speed pedelec properly. Have your tyre pressure, brakes and lights checked regularly by your bike dealer. That way, you can always hit the road with confidence.


Fietser op Treck Speed pedelec

The traffic rules for a speed pedelec

We have summarised all the important info in our handy checklist for the speed pedelec driver. Unlike with the classical e-bike, wearing a helmet is obligatory. Also see to it that the license plate of your speed pedelec is clearly visible at all times. As a speed pedelec user, you often get the possibility to use the public road or the bicycle path. When the maximum speed on the road is 50 km/h, you can choose which one to use. When the maximum speed is higher, you must make use of the bicycle path. On the towpath, the speed limit for a speed pedelec is set at 30 km/h because there are many pedestrians here. More info on the valid rules for riding a speed pedelec can be found on the website of VIAS or the Speed Pedelec Flanders website.

Moreover, you do not always have to ride at a speed of 45 km/h on your speed pedelec. Building up sufficient confidence on safe and familiar terrain, keeping the right pace, learning to judge other road users and thus getting to know the speed pedelec better, is the key message. This way, you can confidently make a #smartmove!


Want your employees to ride an e-bike or speed pedelec safely?

Then request a cycling training course via our Cycling Culture page in myo2o Fleet & HR. This is how you prevent accidents and let your employees pedal to and from work safely and responsibly!



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