Offer from a  bicycle dealer with a physical shop

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Frame size
  • List price incl. VAT (without discount)
  • Make and model of bicycle lock (obligatory), with an ART2-attestation or security level 10 certificate and the possibility to attach the bicycle to an external anchor point.
  • Lock’s list price VAT incl.
  • Possible options and their price VAT incl.
  • Estimated time of bicycle delivery
  • Name of the shop
  • Shop address
  • Shop website
  • Name of the contact person you have spoken to

Offerte from Cowboy, Canyon or Ahooga

Do you want to order a bike from Cowboy, Canyon or Ahooga? All you have to do is to make a screenshot of your shopping basket of the webshop from of these online brands. Take care of mentioning all data related to your dream bike, including the extras. Don’t send your order yet via Myo2o. Email us the screenshot and the name of your company. We will inform you about the next steps.

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