Offer from a  bicycle dealer with a physical shop

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Frame size
  • List price incl. VAT (without discount)
  • Make and model of bicycle lock (obligatory), with an ART2-attestation or security level 10 certificate and the possibility to attach the bicycle to an external anchor point.
  • Lock’s list price VAT incl.
  • Possible options and their price VAT incl.
  • Estimated time of bicycle delivery
  • Name of the shop
  • Shop address
  • Shop website
  • Name of the contact person you have spoken to

Offerte from Cowboy or Canyon

Do you want to order a bike from Cowboy or Canyon?
Request your quote by email from the manufacturer stating that you wish to lease a bike via o2o. Use the email addresses below:

  • Canyon:
  • Cowboy:

After this you follow the normal ordering procedure.

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