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Maintenance costs for my lease bike: how much can I expect to pay?

December 5, 2023
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Smartly finance your bmaintenance

Suppose it is time for your annual maintenance or you have more serious damage to your lease bike that is not the result of an accident or collision (the latter are covered by insurance). Want to avoid paying a fortune for such maintenance? We have two very interesting options for you!

1. Service budget

Opting for an o2o lease bike? Then you can decide for yourself how much service budget to factor into the lease price, as long as the amount is between fifty and four hundred euros a year. Going for maintenance? Then just simply pay using your service budget! That way, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for your maintenance. Want to know more about exactly how the service budget works?

Read our blog on the service budget: 'The service budget from A to Z'.

2. Ecocheques

Do you receive ecocheques from your employer? Then we have some excellent news for you! Because you can use your ecocheques to pay for bike maintenance too. Coming up just short on your service budget? Or do you have major, unexpected damage? Paying for it with ecocheques can help soften the drain on your wallet! However, please note that not every bicycle shop accepts ecocheques. So always check first whether your local bike dealer accepts this method of payment.

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How much does it cost to keep your bicycle in top condition?

As is true of many questions, there is no single answer here. Is your mudguard a bit loose, is your wheel warped or is your frame badly damaged? The price of maintenance depends not only on the condition of your bike but also on its components, your bicycle shop and where you live. Moreover, the type of bike you ride also determines exactly how much maintenance will cost.

The cost per bicycle type: from city bikes to speed pedelecs

The cost of maintenance is partly determined by the type of bike, but also by its components. For example, if you have a regular bike chain, you will need to replace the chain and/or cogs more often than someone who has a bicycle with belt drive and an internal gear. Apart from the components of your bike, below we give an average cost of maintenance for each bicycle type.

1. City bike without pedal assistance

Annual maintenance costs: approximately €50 - €100

These bikes do not have complex electrical components, so faults are often less expensive. Moreover, they are often designed for daily use on paved roads, which means they generally require less maintenance.

2. Mountain bike

Annual maintenance costs: around €100 - €200 or more

Mountain bikes are often used on unpaved surfaces and in harsher conditions and therefore require more regular maintenance. The more intensively you use your bicycle, the higher the maintenance costs will be.

3. Road bike

Annual maintenance costs: around €100 - €200 or more

Road bikes have specific components and require precise adjustment and maintenance. Do you ride many kilometres? Then you will have higher maintenance costs.

4. Electric bike (e-bike)

Annual maintenance costs: about €150 - €300 or more

E-bikes have additional electronic components that require maintenance, such as the battery and engine. If any of those components have malfunctioned, costs can sometimes add up.

5. Speed pedelec

Annual maintenance costs: approximately €200 - €400

Annual maintenance costs for a speed pedelec are sometimes higher than for regular bikes due to the more complex nature of the electrical components.

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Maintenance costs by type of maintenance

In general, there are three types of maintenance:

Type 1: basic maintenance

Lubricating the chain, checking tyre pressure and adjusting brakes and gears correctly: basic maintenance does not require much. If you are a handy person, you can easily finish this job yourself. All fingers and thumbs when it comes to repairs? You're definitely not alone! Your bike dealer will be happy to service your bike. Also, this type of minor maintenance can be done at a low price!

Type 2: standard maintenance

Need to replace brake pads, sprockets or chains? Then your bike is due for standard maintenance. Don't worry, you really don't have to pay a fortune for this type of standard maintenance: for fifty to a hundred euros your two-wheeler will be back in top condition!

Type 3: major maintenance or repairs

Awww... Your steel steed has serious injuries: the bearings are broken, frame parts are damaged or there is some other complex problem with your gears or brakes. Some major maintenance will get your steel steed back to peak health! The cost of this kind of maintenance is difficult to estimate; it all depends on the extent of the repair. It will often amount to several hundred euros.

Bike maintenance is essential to keep your steel steed rolling smoothly. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Thus, major maintenance can often be avoided by regularly bringing your bike in for basic maintenance. That way, you ensure that small problems don't pile up and become a major problem. Together on a smart move, with well-maintained bicycles that take us to our destination safely and worry-free!

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