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The checklist for every speed pedelec driver

Certificate of conformity not at hand? Forgot to put on your helmet? These are just some of the inconveniences you face as a speed pedelec user. Do you know all the obligations and conditions and what to look out for when setting off with your speed pedelec? Hit the road carefree and find out all the important information in this speed pedelec checklist!

Check the basic conditions & your papers

The basic conditions for driving a speed pedelec are clear. You must be at least 16 years old and hold one of the following driving licences:

  • Driving licence AM (moped 45 km/h)
  • Driving licence A (motorbike)
  • Driving licence B (car)

In addition to a valid driving licence, you are required to have the right papers at hand at all times for this fast bike, including these 2 documents:

  • The certificate of conformity
  • The certificate of registration

Via myo2o Biker, you can easily download these documents under ‘Your bike(s) – Documents‘.

What about insurances?

Do you need additional insurance if you want to ride a speed pedelec? Civil liability insurance is not required by law, so you do not need to carry this as an on-board document. Nevertheless, such extra insurance is definitely not an unnecessary luxury. Better safe than sorry. If you have activated the liability insurance through o2o, you can use the claim form to declare a claim.

Your number plate is mandatory

Every speed pedelec must have a number plate. o2o takes care of the mandatory registration with DIV, after which we receive a number plate. You do not have to do anything yourself for this. When you go to collect your bicycle, your bike dealer will already have attached this number plate onto your bike. Important to know: this number plate is compulsory and must always be attached to your bicycle when you ride. So check every now and then that you haven’t lost it on the road.

speedpedelec leasen

Wear a special helmet

Safety first, even with a speed pedelec. With speeds of up to 45 km/h, it is therefore logical that wearing a bicycle or moped helmet is compulsory. The bicycle helmet conforms to EN1078 and must also protect the temples and back of the head. This is not always the case with an ordinary bicycle helmet. So pay close attention when choosing your helmet. We recommend helmets specially designed for speed pedelecs. In addition to the extra protection, they also offer a little more comfort: less noise at higher speeds and the possibility of integrating a headset.

The traffic rules? Look carefully at the signs!

Anyone driving a speed pedelec on public roads must comply with the traffic regulations for mopeds. The specific traffic sign with the symbol of a moped and the letter P (speed pedelec) applies to drivers of speed pedelecs. If you are not allowed to use the cycle path, this is indicated by ‘forbidden’; if you are obliged to use the cycle path, this is indicated by ‘compulsory’. More information on the specific traffic rules for riding a speed pedelec can be found on the police website or the Speed Pedelec Flanders website.

I go out and I take with me…

Because of the higher speed, there are also restrictions on who you take with you on your speed pedelec. You may not transport children under the age of 3 years. If you do want to transport children between 3 and 8 years old, you must install a suitable security system.

We also recommend that you always wear a fluorescent jacket. This is certainly not compulsory, but it provides extra visibility and therefore more safety. A rear-view mirror mounted on the left-hand side of your handlebars is no luxury either. This allows you to keep your eyes ahead while steering and smoothly whizz past all traffic jams.


Leasing a speed pedelec through your company, something for you?

Is your employer an o2o customer? Then create your myo2o Biker account and calculate your exact net lease price.

Your employer hasn’t joined o2o yet? Then you will first have to convince your employer to become an o2o partner. Get the ball rolling with our handy white paper. Enjoy your lease bicycle!

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