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The 5 advantages of bicycle leasing at a glance

It is hip, trendy, ecologically sustained and offers quite some fiscal advantages. There is a lot being said and written about bicycle leasing, but what exactly are we talking about? What are the major advantages? More in particular, what makes leasing a bicycle via your company so attractive? We have listed the 5 most important advantages of bicycle leasing that apply to all collaborators.

Advantage 1: the more you cycle, the better for your health

Taking your bike for going to work regularly, is the easiest way for having a sound work-out session. According to a TNO-report, cycling on a regular basis increases your fitness by 13% and helps burning calories. Cycling also reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and on average you will get sick one day less compared to your colleagues who take their bike less frequently to come to work. The risk of premature death is reduced by no less than 40%. Not only your physical condition is getting better, but also mentally you will make progress, because cycling has a positive impact on your mental condition, thanks to the production of endorphins and serotonin when cycling. This results in less stress and a positive effect on your mindset. Don’t worry, be happy and lease a bicycle.

fietsen voordelen

Fietsen heeft een positieve impact op jouw fysieke én mentale gezondheid.

Advantage 2: a leased bicycle via your company is cheaper than buying one yourself

You may often hear that a leased bicycle is cheaper than buying one yourself. But how does that work exactly? If you buy a bicycle as a private person, with accessories, a maintenance contract, an insurance and breakdown assistance, you pay the whole lot with your net salary. In case of a bicycle leasing, you will finally pay the same amount, NOT with your NET salary, but with your GROSS salary. Paying a bicycle with your gross salary is much more advantageous, because there have been no social security (ONSS), employer’s contribution and tax deductions. So, you will finally have paid less with your “own” money. On top of that, the leasing is spread over a 3 years’ period, after which you are free to take over your bicycle at a very attractive price. In general, one can say that a leased bicycle costs 40% less than a private purchase. All this thanks to beneficial government policies. In other words, you benefit from a staggered payment, there is no obligation to take over the bicycle at the end of the contract AND you always pay less compared to making a private purchase. Find more details under ‘How much does a leased bicycle cost?”.

Advantage 3: get some extra money thanks to your bicycle allowance

If you go to work by bicycle, your employer can grant you an allowance per kilometre. Moreover, each company can do this tax free up to € 0.27 per kilometre, which can be considered as a little bonus. If you live, let’s say 10 kilometres from your work, and you go to work by bike every day, you have cycled a distance worth € 27.00 (5 times 20 kilometres at € 0.27/km). Depending on your sector of employment, the amount allowed may vary. More details can be found under“Everything you should know about the bicycle allowance”.


Advantage 4: 100% freedom when choosing a bicycle from o2o

Some people rather prefer riding a mountain bike, whilst others may prefer an electric cargo bike. At o2o’s, we understand everybody’s needs, so we give you a 100% complete freedom of choice when deciding what bicycle to go for: we accept every bicycle that suits you for going to work. Hence, your choice is not limited to a “selection”, on the contrary, the bike of your dreams has never come closer. Even online brands such as Canyon and Cowboy are on offer, because your freedom of choice is not brand limited either. That is what we understand under “Freedom” at o2o’s.

Advantage 5: Worry-free cycling, a bit like an all-in vacation

Leasing a bicycle concerns much more than just the bike itself. The o2o digital platform allows you to choose a bicycle, to make offer requests and cost simulations, even to order a bicycle. Also, after the bicycle has been delivered you can use the digital platform for managing your bicycle. Because leasing at o2o’s also means that you have a budget for your bicycle’ s maintenance and that you are insured. Compare it with an all-in vacation: choose our wheel all right, o2o bicycle leasing is in the lead! Shouldn’t it be a shame to be left all by yourself when having a bicycle breakdown on the road? Don’t worry, either on your way to work or when making a private excursion, you can sleep on both your ears.


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