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Where do you store your steel steed when space is at a premium?

You would like to lease a bicycle, but you are hesitant because you have no place to put it. Or you already have a lease bicycle and you don’t know where to store it safely. Sounds familiar? It probably does for those who have a house or apartment that does not have a garage, storage room, spacious entrance hall or other place where you can easily store your bicycle. Fortunately, we can give 7 possible solutions to your storage problem here – and yes, we have also thought of those who rent a property!

Lease bicycles are often more expensive. This is why you prefer to leave them in a safe place, far out of reach of bicycle thieves. Of course, you can attach them to the outside of your home with a metal ring, but not everyone is comfortable with that. What are the other options?

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1. Bicycle hook to the rescue

With a bicycle hook, you can easily hang your bicycle on the wall. There are a range of storage systems, from a sturdy bicycle rack to vertical or horizontal hooks that you attach to the wall. Which one you ultimately choose will depend on your bicycle and your home. Do you rent your home? If so, consult with your landlord about installing a bicycle hook.

Such a bicycle hook or bracket offers a great many advantages: you save space, it is practical and you have a new interior item in no time, making your home look even more cool. The drawbacks? You have to drill into your wall and your bicycle will possibly leave some tyre marks on the wall. With a coat of washable paint, you can easily avoid such tyre marks. You will also need some strength to hoist your bicycle into the bracket. But hey, the biceps you grow with that will obviously more than make up for it.

2. Your bicycle on the ceiling

Still not a fan of hanging your bicycle against the wall? Or do you have limited space on your walls? Then there’s the ceiling! With a bicycle lift, you can effortlessly hoist your bicycle up while making smart use of your vertical space. For this, too, you will obviously need to screw it into your ceiling. Then again, a bicycle on your ceiling is a nice sight!

What to look for when choosing a bicycle lift? Make sure you have a lift suitable for the weight of your bicycle. These days, there are also electric bicycle lifts, which reduce the amount of lifting you have to do yourself. This is an ergonomic solution for those with back problems or who don’t feel like lifting up the bicycle themselves every time.

3. Use the neighbourhood bicycle rack

A great many cities and municipalities have neighbourhood bicycle racks. These are enclosed, covered spaces where local residents can rent bicycle parking spaces. They are often garages or old shop premises, where your bicycle can stay safe and dry when not in use. These solutions do not tend to cost much, which makes them very accessible to those with a smaller budget. 

Be sure to check whether there are any such bicycle racks in your town or municipality. Are there none around where you live? Perhaps you could get in touch to ask whether there is a possibility of offering such a bicycle parking. It is important to note that there can sometimes be a long waiting list for a spot at such a neighbourhood bicycle park. But no worries if that were the case – still plenty of alternatives below!

4. Check out nearby opportunities

You are probably not the only one in your neighbourhood suffering from a lack of space. Perhaps a neighbour is still looking for storage for a collection of garden gnomes, or your local hoarder is in need of some extra space. Every neighbourhood does have a Facebook group, where you can pitch for interest in renting a garage with others. That way, the cost for you will not run too high either.

And hey, who knows, maybe there is a friendly neighbour who still has some space available in the storage shed or garage? Maybe it pays to put letters in the mailboxes on your street to see if someone will lend you some space for your bicycle. So lots of options for safely parking your faithful bicycle.

Ever thought about a self-storage unit? These convenient storage units are often equipped with camera surveillance and a burglar alarm and are on the rise. It helps create extra space for your bicycle, maintenance equipment and accessories. Especially useful when you can rent this unit along with your cycling friends from the neighbourhood, giving you a starting point for beginning your cycling trips.

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5. The folding bicycle: small and compact

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a folding bicycle. These space-saving folding wonders are perfect for small living spaces and apartments. Fold your bicycle together, put it in the corner and voilà, you’ll have more space in no time. No idea which type or brand of folding bicycle best suits you? Take a look at our folding bicycle page and be amazed at the possibilities!

6. Bicycle boxes: your lifesavers

Bicycle boxes such as Velo-Boxx are also a great solution for those with space constraints. Do you have a small front garden and some budget? Then you can invest in such a box yourself. There are boxes for just one bicycle, but there are also models that fit quite a few bicycles.

Authorities often choose to place bicycle boxes on public property too. Check whether there are any such bicycle boxes nearby. Are there none to be found? Then contact your city or municipality – they may be open to purchasing one.

7. Safe outdoors

You can also place your bicycle outside in the garden or on the driveway. There are a great many decent storage systems and bicycle racks or you can use a waterproof bicycle cover to keep everything nice and dust-free, safe and dry. Again, remember to store your bicycle safely, always use a sturdy and approved bicycle lock and secure it. Outsmart bicycle thieves and learn all about properly securing your bicycle in our blog.


Hopefully, thanks to these tips, you will find the suitable place where you can leave your steel steed with some peace of mind. And now you finally know where you can store your lease bicycle, it’s high time to kick-start your leasing journey, isn’t it? Create your myo2o bicycler account today!

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