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Leasing a speed pedelec: the 8 most-chosen brands for 2023

Are you going for a Norta, a Stromer or a Trek speed pedelec, or something totally different? If you lease a speed pedelec as an individual, there’s a lot of thinking to be done. Naturally, you want to lease the best speed pedelec, so you can race along the bicycle path without worrying. With one of these eight most-chosen brands, your ride is guaranteed to go smoothly!

Which brands of speed pedelecs do our o2o cyclists lease most often? An important question, because if so many people choose a brand, it must be pretty decent! Are you finding it stressful choosing or are you hesitating between two brands? Then this blog can definitely offer you some respite.

Stromer Speedpedelec



#8 – Flyer speed pedelecs

Flyer is a Swiss brand that aims to deliver Swiss quality. You can tell already – Flyer’s focus is on high quality. This naturally translates into a higher price. Do you want to test an emerging brand within the speed pedelec world? Or do you want to lease a high-quality speed pedelec? Then definitely take a look at Flyer!

Flyer speed pedelec leasen

#7 – Giant speed pedelecs

As a major player, Giant is well-nigh literally a giant in the Belgian bike market! Today, the brand offers speed pedelecs alongside electric bikes. Thanks to the empire built up by this cycling giant through its years of popularity, it’s no wonder it’s on this list of most leased speed pedelecs. For anyone who’s been a fan of Giant for years, these speed pedelecs are a great choice!

#6 – Ellio speed pedelecs

At Ellio, you’ll find the speed pedelec of tomorrow, made with 100% Belgian expertise. Are you an early adaptor or do you like to stay ahead of the curve? Then you’re guaranteed to take a liking to these futuristic speed pedelecs with two-wheel acceleration. As a commuting flandrien, do you want to lease a speed pedelec of Belgian workmanship? Or do you believe in these bikes of tomorrow? Then an Ellio speed pedelec is just right for you!

Speed pedelec leasen Ellio

Leasing a speed pedelec? Get a better deal with o2o!

With a speed pedelec, you want to get on the road safely and carefree. At o2o, we’re the figurative support wheels for your speed pedelec: we’ll support you throughout the whole leasing route.

  • Don’t just get a bike, but also services, maintenance and accessories.

  • Choose any bike brand you like from your local bike dealer.

  • Say goodbye to traffic jam stress and zoom smoothly past the jams.
  • Lower the high purchase amount through monthly rental.
  • Make your speed pedelec 40% cheaper.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that your sustainable choice gives you!

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Detail fietser op Aska speed pedelec

5 – Gazelle speed pedelecs

At number five are the speedy Gazelles – the speed pedelecs from Gazelle. The brand has been making bikes for more than 130 years, and has several speed pedelecs to offer these days. And they’re landing well, as Gazelle is in our top five! These speed pedelecs are low maintenance and affordable. In 2021, the N°1 from Gazelle was even awarded the prize of Speed E-bike of the Year. Do you want to zoom past everyone on a prize-winner? Then a speedy Gazelle is the speed pedelec you’re looking for!

4 – Trek speed pedelecs

Trek is known everywhere for the wide range of speed pedelecs: from a lightweight full-carbon or a rapid commuting bike to an all-round speed pedelec. That means there’s something for everyone. Do you want a speed pedelec that fully meets your needs? Maybe you’ll find yours in Trek’s wide range!

Curious about the tax benefits of bicycle leasing? Read our blog ‘Why does leasing a bicycle through your employer offer so many tax benefits? and discover them all!


Fietser op Treck Speed pedelec

#3 – Speed pedelecs Klever

Klever makes bikes for urban heroes: top-speed lovers who cycle through wind and weather. The brand pulls out all the stops to provide bike heroes with a worthy alternative to the car. Klever even has a speed pedelec with indicators! These speed pedelecs are also known for their large batteries with a gigantic range of up to three hundred kilometres!


#2 – Riese & Muller speed pedelecs

The silver medal goes to Riese & Muller. This brand is known for its high-end bikes needing little maintenance. No wonder, then, that a great many of our cyclists are so keen on this brand. Moreover, Riese & Muller offers most of the bike models in a high-speed version. Plenty of choice, then! Riese & Muller’s speed demons do come with a hefty price tag, though.

Getting 40% off the cost price of your Riese & Muller?

You can do that with o2o! Furthermore, our lease price contains all manner of services, such as damage or theft insurance. That way, you can enjoy your steel steed without worrying.

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#1 – Stromer speed pedelecs

The most leased speed pedelecs at o2o? Those are the Stromer ones! This relatively new bike brand rapidly exploded into a public favourite. With Swiss engineering skills, new technologies, digital connection and a futuristic design, Stromer is responding smartly to contemporary cycling needs.

Stromer Speedpedelec

Leasing a speed pedelec? Make a #smartmove with o2o.

Do you want to lease a speed pedelec? We’re itching to help you! You can use our myo2o Biker tool to easily request quotes or check which local bike dealer you can test your two-wheeler with. But even after you’ve ordered your bike, we’ll remain your leg to stand on!

Make the #smartmove with o2o today and create your myo2o Biker account! Not yet a customer? Send the link ofour persuasion package to your employer and enhance your chances of leasing a speed pedelec with o2o!

Not sure about what’s involved in leasing a speed pedelec? The o2o experts have figured it out for you! Check out our checklist for every speed pedelec rider.

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